Finance and Corporate Services Committee endorses its draft budget for 2023

On Feb. 7, the Finance and Corporate Services Committee recommended its draft budget for 2023 to Council for approval.

The Committee’s budget for 2023 allocates $663 million for gross operational expenditures. It also includes $2 billion in revenue, primarily from property tax revenue and payments-in-lieu of taxation.

The budget outlines key investments in City governance, Office of the City Clerk, City Manager’s Office, Rail construction and planning, Planning, Real Estate and Economic Development and Finance and Corporate Services as well as non-departmental expenditures.

The Committee adopted its new terms of reference. The biggest change for the Committee is its new name, a change from the previous Finance and Economic Development Committee. It absorbs the former Information Technology Sub-Committee and provides oversight for the Women and Gender Equity Strategy, the Reconciliation Action Plan, the Anti-Racism Strategy and the Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Plan.

The Committee also received an update regarding the City of Ottawa’s response to the Public Order Emergency Commission. As the City is largely required to keep its communications and interactions with the Commission confidential, the update focuses on staff’s high-level interactions, processes and other matters related to the Commission. The report to Council ensures there is a formal record of the City’s participation in the Commission.

The budget will be considered for approved as part of a special Council Meeting on March 1. The rest of the recommendations from today’s meeting will rise to Council on Wednesday, February 22.

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