Built Heritage Committee approves terms of reference

The City's Built Heritage Committee, which I chair, met today, Jan. 17, 2023.

The Committee approved its terms of reference for the 2022-2026 Term of Council.

The Committee would report directly to Council as it is no longer a sub-committee of the Planning and Housing Committee. If a heritage report is accompanied by a planning application, however, the two reports would be considered both by the Built Heritage and Planning and Housing committees.

The Committee would be made up of five Councillors and four public members and will deal primarily with matters related to the Ontario Heritage Act. Councillor members will include one member from the Planning and Housing Committee, one from the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee and at least one Councillor whose ward encompasses a Heritage Conservation District. The public members would be appointed by Council and must have appropriate heritage experience. At least one public member must live within a Heritage Conservation District.

The Committee also approved applications to alter three heritage properties, including:

Recommendations from today’s meeting will rise to Council on Wednesday, January 25.

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