Thefts of vehicles continue in Ottawa; Stay safe and know how to protect your vehicle


The Ottawa Police would like to remind residents to remain vigilant, stay safe, and safeguard their vehicles to avoid being a victim of vehicle theft. More than 1,200 thefts of various vehicles have been reported to police this year, in several different neighbourhoods across Ottawa. This month, there have been 85 vehicle theft reports filed. To counter this growing crime trend, Ottawa Police experts have trained patrol officers on the current trends, and the technologies and methods needed to intercept thefts in progress before they leave the city. The Ottawa Police frontline patrol has made more than 80 arrests this year, and 315 stolen vehicles have been recovered. District investigators have been successful in their prosecutions and will continue to hold offenders accountable in the court of law. 

Public Safety WarningRecently, Ottawa thieves have been arrested with weapons in their possession to intimidate vehicle owners who catch them in the act. Items such as a Conducted Energy Weapon (taser), pepper spray and crow bars have been seized. If you see someone attempting to steal your car, please call 911. For your own safety, DO NOT engage the thief. Further to that, if you have the ability to track your vehicle once it has been stolen, do not follow the vehicle. Please call 911 and advise the operator that you have a tracking device on the vehicle.

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