Traffic Impacts expected this weekend for the Canada Army Run - including through Ward 13

Top of an orange traffic cone with a white reflective stripe on it with a blurred background of a roadway.

On Sunday, September 17, the 16th annual Canada Army Run is taking place throughout Ottawa’s downtown core. Road users should plan for additional travel time on their trip or take different routes.   

The following streets will be closed at the listed times: 

From 6 am to 2 pm: 

  • Laurier Avenue West, between Nicholas and Metcalfe Streets 
  • Elgin Street northbound, between Lisgar and Queen Streets 

From 6 am to 3 pm: 

  • Wellington Street, between Elgin Street southbound and Rideau Street 
  • Elgin Street northbound between Queen and Wellington Streets 

From 7 am to 11 am: 

  • Laurier Avenue West, between Metcalfe and Bay Streets 
  • Bay Street, between Laurier Avenue West and Wellington Street 
  • Wellington Street, between Portage Bridge and Elgin Street 
  • Lyon Street North, between Wellington Street and Laurier Avenue West 

From 7 am to 2 pm: 

  • Rideau Street, between Elgin and Dalhousie Streets 
  • Mackenzie Avenue, between Sussex Drive and Rideau Street 
  • Sussex Drive, between Rideau Street and Princess Avenue 
  • Princes Avenue, between Sussex Drive and Lisgar Road 
  • Lisgar Road, between Mariposa Avenue and Rideau Terrace/Dufferin Road 
  • Dufferin Road southbound lane, between Rideau Terrace and MacKay Street 
  • MacKay Street eastbound lane, between Dufferin Road and Sussex Drive 

From 8 am to 2 pm: 

  • Rideau Terrace westbound lane, between Dufferin Road and Acacia Avenue 
  • Corona Avenue, between Acacia and Beechwood Avenues 
  • Beechwood Avenue, between Joliette Avenue and Hemlock Road 
  • Hemlock Road, between Beechwood and Birch avenues 
  • Birch Avenue southbound lane, between Hemlock Road and Sir George Etienne Cartier Parkway 
  • Sir George Etienne Cartier Parkway, between Aviation Parkway and Sussex Drive 

For more information on the Canada Army Run, including course maps and detailed road closure timings and impacts, visit the interactive race map.(link is external) 

Transit Service 

OC Transpo routes will be detoured due to the street closures. Additionally, O-Train Line 1 service will begin one hour early at 7 am to help participants get to the event and service will run until 11 pm.  

Visit is external) for the latest updates on transit service. You can also connect with OC Transpo by calling 613-560-5000 or by following us on Facebook(link is external)Twitter(link is external) or Instagram(link is external)

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