Action on Moth Infestations

Due to continued infestation of trees throughout the Ward and City by Lymantria Dispar Dispar moths, Councillor King successfully introduced a motion at Environment Committee to take action.

Councillor King moved the following motion at Environment Committee on July 26 to direct City staff to establish a response plan: 
WHEREAS Ottawa’s tree canopy is an important asset in combating climate change and supporting the physical and mental health of residents; and 

WHEREAS Ottawa has experienced Gypsy Moth (LDD) infestations at higher than anticipated rates in 2021, defoliating many mature trees on both public and private property; and 

WHEREAS it is expected that the Gypsy Moth (LDD) infestations will also be significant in the next several years; and 

WHEREAS community participation and education will be a vital part of an effective management strategy; 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that City staff update Standing Committee on Environmental Protection, Water and Waste Management in Q4-2021 on Gypsy Moth (LDD) impacts, and to develop a response plan for Gypsy Moth (LDD) in Ottawa that includes communication of best practices, and mitigation supports to residents and community groups; and include any potential budget pressures that may be associated.  

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that City staff, as part of the Urban Forest Management Plan that is coming to Council in Q1 2022 include an update on current Forestry Initiatives to increase and diversify the urban canopy. 

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