It is an honour to have been elected your City Councillor.  It will be my mission to help build safe, affordable and healthy communities. 

I will work with you to ensure our neighbourhoods have a fair and transparent urban planning process, along with strong investments in public safetyaffordable housing, efficient transportation and inexpensive transit.

We will also work together to improve democracy and accountability at City Hall and fight climate change to create a greener, more liveable city.


November 2019 Newsletter for Rideau-Rockcliffe

Rawlson King, Councillor for Rideau-Rockcliffe released his newsletter for November 2019 which examines new affordable housing approved for Ward 13 along with new public safety programs and community policing that will be introduced in Overbrook.

City of Ottawa to establish Anti-Racism Secretariat

Councillor Rawlson King's proposal to establish a policy unit at the City of Ottawa to address systemic racism in our community will be adopted in the City's 2020 budget.

Wendy Dennys wins Crime Prevention Award

Crime Prevention Ottawa is pleased to announce the winners of the 11th annual Crime Prevention Ottawa Awards. The awards honour people, programs and groups that are making our city a safer place for everyone.


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