After Ottawa’s warmest and weirdest winter ever, what happens next?

A collage of multiple photos: 
- Rural homes destroyed following a tornado
- Someone drinking from a water bottle with a blazing sun overhead
- A firefighter installs a water pump in a flooded ditch
- An uprooted tree toppled over
- A broken branch hangs from a tree covered with ice
- Snow removal vehicles lined up on a snowy day

You can ask a scientist or you can look out the window; either way, it looks like Ottawa will continue to have warmer winters, hotter summers, more windstorms and more heavy rain.

To make it easier for Ottawa residents to prepare, we’ve developed a draft climate resiliency strategy. Climate Ready Ottawa(link is external) is now available for public consultation.

Climate Ready Ottawa identifies actions to address the top climate risks facing Ottawa and prepare for a much warmer(link is external), wetter(link is external) and unpredictable(link is external) climate. This is a long-term strategy that will help us build a resilient city by 2050. It combines many initiatives already underway(link is external) with new policies, programs and initiatives.

We need your help shaping the final version of Climate Ready Ottawa. Visit engage.ottawa/climate-resiliency(link is external) where you can:

  • Take a survey
  • Sign up for an Open House
  • Read background information

Climate Ready Ottawa already combines input from:

The strategy is split into five main themes:

  • Resilient communities
  • Resilient buildings, transportation and water systems
  • Natural environment and parklands
  • Extreme weather preparedness and response
  • Cross-cutting actions that deal with more than one of the other four themes

Climate Ready Ottawa identifies how we can support individuals, communities, businesses and organizations. It also identifies where more support is needed from other levels of government.

You can help shape Climate Ready Ottawa, #OttCity’s draft climate resiliency strategy. Visit: to take our survey, leave a comment and maybe sign up for an Open House.

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