April 29 Newsletter 2022

April 29, 2022 newsletter from Rawlson King, City Councillor for Rideau-Rockcliffe.

This weekend, the City is anticipating the arrival of motorcyclists who are participating in a protest. There will be a visible police and by-law enforcement presence and residents can expect traffic impacts. A motor vehicle exclusion zone has been set up around the perimeter of the downtown core. Additionally, residents can expect traffic impacts on Sunday, May 1 due to the annual CN Cycle for CHEO. A list of road closures can be found in this newsletter. 

The City of Ottawa is asking residents, rental contract holders and organizers of large public events to stay off ball diamonds and sports fields at all City facilities. The fields remain extremely wet due to seasonal weather conditions and could be damaged if they are used in their current state. A reminder to residents that starting May 1, most OC Transpo fares will increase by an average of 2.5 per cent to offset the increased costs of providing transportation. Finally, there are several upcoming events and programs, especially targeted towards youth, being offered by the Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre and Incubator13 in April and May. Information on how to register can be found towards the end of the newsletter. 

Statement on Motorcycle Demonstration 

Concerning this weekend’s motorcycle protest, the Ottawa Police Service must ensure during this demonstration that there is no chaos in the City.  Breach of peace by protestors will not be tolerated and incidents of hate crime must not be tolerated either. 

It is important that the police enforce the law.  While people have a right to peacefully protest, they do not have the right to do so with a vehicle. 

Consequently, I am pleased that a traffic plan has been planned that will include closing some downtown streets, including Parliament Hill and the War Memorial to protest-related vehicles with the creation of an exclusion zone. 
The Police Service will also cooperate with the RCMP, as well as other provincial and municipal police forces at the outset to ensure that any breach of peace undertaken by demonstrators will have consequences. 

It should be made clear that there are consequences to criminal action. People engaged in unlawful, disruptive demonstrations will be subject to arrest. It is also important that Police ensure that incidents of hate will not be tolerated. 

I directly relayed my concerns to the Police Chief about the protest at Council concerning its impact on the Overbrook community and the Ward’s residents at large.   

To clarify: the City of Ottawa did not decide the route.  Part of the route will impact the Ward on Coventry Road and the Vanier Parkway on Saturday morning. The route was determined by the rally organizers.  Because of their suggested start location, I asked City staff to secure the Baseball Stadium site, and fencing was erected at that site to enclose parking to ensure that no City property would be used as a mustering/meeting location. 

It is important to note that the City does not have authority to stop protestors from entering the City in their vehicles for this protest as this power can only be enacted with the invocation of the Emergencies Act. 

As a result of the previous unlawful occupation however, the City of Ottawa’s position is that no motor vehicle protests, rallies or events will be allowed in the designated downtown core areas. This includes areas near Parliament Hill and the National War Memorial and applies to all demonstrations, rallies and events. All motor vehicles will be prohibited from participating in any of these events in these designated areas.  There will be a heavy police presence in the downtown core this weekend backed up by barricades, heavy equipment and tows in a downtown exclusion zone.   

At this time, the only exclusions to this area are motor vehicles taking part in a demonstration, event, protest or rally.  Barricades, heavy equipment or police officers and vehicles will be at various access points surrounding an established downtown exclusion zone to filter lawful traffic onto those streets.   

Roads are not closed, and normal traffic circulation is permitted. Motor vehicles not participating in a demonstration, event, protest or rally, and pedestrians and cyclists will be able to enter and exit the zone. 

The Police have indicated all vehicles participating in the protest rally will be fully escorted by the Police Service who will completely control and direct traffic management. The entire route has been designated as a no stopping and no parking area. At this time, Police believe the traffic impacts to Coventry and Vanier Parkway will be 30 minutes maximum during the protest tomorrow morning, based upon 500 motorcycles participating in the protest. 

To reiterate: The Police Service have made it clear that there will be consequences for any criminal action committed during these protests.  People engaged in unlawful, disruptive demonstrations will be subject to arrest. The Police have also indicated that incidents of hate will not be tolerated. 

The City of Ottawa will also be aggressively enforcing all by-laws regarding noise, litter, fireworks, parking and stopping. 

Councillor Fleury and I have convened a stakeholder group of Police and City staff this week and I will continue to liaise with that working group throughout the weekend to monitor Police response to the protest. 

Ticketing and towing 

The City of Ottawa By-law and Regulatory Services (BLRS) will have Officers out on the streets ensuring all parking regulations are observed by residents and visitors. All vehicles found failing to observe the no-stopping zones will be ticketed and towed. 

Ensuring all other by-laws observed 

In addition to parking violations, BLRS Officers will ensure all City of Ottawa by-laws are obeyed by residents and visitors:  

  • No unnecessary motor-vehicle or other noise, including speakers 
  • No public urination and defecation 
  • No open air fires 
  • No littering 
  • No lighting and discharging fireworks 

Tickets will be issued to any individual in violation of any City of Ottawa By-law. It’s important to note that fireworks are only permitted for use two times per year – Canada Day and Victoria Day and the day before and after those days. 

Traffic impacts 

The Ottawa Police Service and the City of Ottawa have created a motor-vehicle exclusion zone in the downtown area. (See map.) No motor vehicles involved in any event (rally, protest, demonstration) are permitted inside this zone. However, the roads are not closed. Residential and business traffic, as well as pedestrians, cyclists and public transit are permitted. The Rolling Thunder event may result in some temporary traffic delays. 

Traffic updates 

Residents can continue to check our online traffic map and the City of Ottawa’s traffic Twitter account for up-to-date information on traffic delays and disruptions due to the demonstrations. 

OC Transpo updates 

There are no changes planned to transit services. Stay up to date on the latest transit information by visiting octranspo.com/alerts, calling 613-560-5000 or following OC Transpo’s Twitter account. 

City Hall 

City Hall and its underground municipal parking facility will be closed to the public from 5 pm on Thursday, April 28 until 7 am on Monday, May 2.   

Ottawa is a safe and inclusive city for everyone 

The City of Ottawa is responsible for ensuring residents feel safe in their community. The City values a diversity of minds, perspectives and lived experiences and denounces any displays of hate and racism. 

Events like this can affect everyone differently. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, please reach out and speak to someone. For mental health services and supports, please visit  


CN Cycle for CHEO road closures and lane reductions on May 1 

The CN Cycle for CHEO, the annual fundraiser for childhood and adolescent oncology care at the hospital, hits the road again on Sunday, May 1.  

The cycling event starts and ends at the Canadian War Museum at Lebreton Flats and involves rolling lane reductions and closures from 6 am and 1 pm on various roadways along the route, which include: 

  • Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway 
  • Wellington Street 
  • Laurier Avenue West 
  • Queen Elizabeth Drive 
  • Prince of Wales Drive 
  • Heron Road  
  • Riverside Drive 
  • Sussex Drive   
  • Sir George-Étienne Cartier Pkwy (Rockcliffe Pkwy)  

A full listing of the lane reductions, road closures and times are located on the CN Cycle for CHEO website 

Rolling Thunder Ottawa Event  

The Rolling Thunder event is scheduled to start on Friday, April 29 and conclude on Saturday, April 30. As such, it will not overlap with the CN Cycle for CHEO, which is a long-standing Ottawa event to raise funds in support of kids with cancer. Ottawa Police Service will continue to monitor the situation and work with the CN Cycle for CHEO organizers to ensure that registration for the CN Cycle for CHEO, and the event itself, proceed safely.  

Continue to follow CN Cycle for CHEO website, ottawa.ca and the Twitter accounts for Ottawa Police Service and Ottawa Traffic Services for updated information. 

OC Transpo fares change May 1 

OC Transpo fares are changing on May 1, 2022. Most fares will increase by an average of 2.5 per cent to offset the increased costs of providing transportation. The prices of the EquiPass, Community and Access Passes are frozen for 2022. 

Several discounted monthly pass and single-ride fare options are available for eligible customers, including seniors, children and youth ages 8 to 19, and customers on a low income (EquiPass), or customers who receive Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) benefits (Community Pass). No-charge service is also available for seniors 65 and older on Wednesdays and Sundays. Children ages 6 and 7 now also qualify for no-charge child fares. Children up to 7 years old can ride for no charge every day as part of a change piloted for 2022. To check eligibility for reduced fares, visit octranspo.com or call 613-560-5000. 

This fare increase reflects Council approval of the 2022 Budget and follows Council direction to delay the 2022 fare increase from January 1, 2022, until one month after Rideau Transit Group and Rideau Transit Maintenance (RTG/RTM) provided the City with the full complement of trains required for revenue service. 

The deferral of the 2022 fare increase to May 1 is an acknowledgement from Council of the significant service disruptions customers on O-Train Line 1 experienced in the fall of 2021. With a full complement of trains now available for service, OC Transpo is well positioned to work with RTM in delivering the reliable transit experience that customers deserve and expect. 

Residents are asked to stay off wet sports fields and diamonds 

The City of Ottawa is asking residents, rental contract holders and organizers of large public events to stay off ball diamonds and sports fields at all City facilities. Artificial turf remains open.  

Due to seasonal weather conditions, the fields are extremely wet and could be damaged if used while in their current condition. 

Thank you for your understanding and help in preserving the quality of our sports fields. Weather permitting, ball diamonds will open on Saturday, May 7, and sports fields will open on Sunday, May 15. An announcement will be made when ball diamonds and sports field are officially open for residents to enjoy. 

Upcoming Events with the Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre and Incubator13 

There are several upcoming events and programs taking place in April and May with the Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre and Incubator13. 

Intro to Futures 

Why do we need futures literacy? What does it mean to be literate in futures?  

According to UNESCO, being futures literate empowers the imagination, enhances our ability to prepare, recover and invent as changes occur. Host Luisa Ji and Guest Speaker Nour Batyne will help you uncover what this all means and how you grow in your professional as well as personal life. Luisa is an experienced designer with extensive research experience in civic tech, architecture, and future studies whilst Nour is a creative producer and an Associate Instructor for the Non-profit Management M.S. program at Columbia University. 

Admissions $5(plus ticketing fees), youths under 29 can get the $5 back if they attend both workshops. 

Part I: Friday, April 29 at 5:30pm 
Part II: Friday, May 6 at 5:30pm 

Power of Trades Information Information Session 

The Power of Trades is an in-person program designed to help youth identify their career options and explore that specific trade through a paid work placement. Join us and the YMCA team as we uncover what it means to join the skilled trades and see if this opportunity could be something for you to explore. Come with all your questions about the skilled trades and this opportunity. 

Wednesday, May 4 at 5:30pm 

Demystifying Entrepreneurship for Youth with Disabilities Workshop 

Led by Zoey Schvan (young entrepreneur and expert in inclusion and accessibility). the doors of entrepreneurship are opened to youth with disabilities. Tools, concepts, and resources will be shared to encourage and support them in their venture journeys. 

Tuesdays, Starting on 10 May at 4:30PM 

*Register for these amazing events and workshops here. 

Montreal Road Revitalization 

Work activities planned for the next two weeks (April 27 to May 11) include: 

  • Adjustments to Montreal Road detour and Bus Routes – The Montreal Road detour began on Sunday, April 24.  Over the next two weeks, some adjustments will be made to the detour including additional signage, reinforcement of “Road Closed” barricades and minor realignment of traffic control devices where required. Based on observations from last year’s detour, it will take a week or so for motorists, cyclists, residents and business owners to adjust to the temporary lane and road closures. Your patience is appreciated as we enter the final year of construction.  
  • Watermain and underground pipe – Work started near the Montreal Road/Granville intersection last week and will continue into next week with the setup of temporary overland water pipes.  Water shut offs are tentatively scheduled for next week while crews connect the temporary overland pipes to buildings located in the vicinity of the Lafontaine/Granville. Businesses affected by the water shut offs will be notified a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Underground storm sewer work is also taking place on Montreal Road just west of St. Laurent and at the Montreal Road/Ducharme intersection. 
  • Sidewalk reinstatement – Crews are continuing sidewalk reinstatement and concrete work at Lajoie moving east towards Lafontaine. Removal of the existing sidewalks on the south side of Montreal Road east of Lafontaine towards L’Eglise has started.  
  • Road excavation – Road excavation focusing on stripping the existing asphalt has started east of L’Eglise and will continue towards St. Laurent Boulevard.  
  • Utility and telecoms – Underground utility work and placement of telecom ducts will begin at Lafontaine working towards L’Eglise next week. 

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