Committee approves results of east-end sub-watershed study

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On May 4, the City’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee approved the results of a study(link is external) of the Beckett’s Creek sub-watershed, which drains to the Ottawa River east of the Village of Cumberland.

The study examined local conditions and the report identifies actions to improve the sub-watershed’s long-term environmental health. The report includes recommendations for identifying natural heritage systems, managing natural hazards, protecting groundwater features and surface water quality, restoring natural habitat, and managing stormwater.

With completion of this study, all eastern sub-watersheds within Ottawa that drain directly to the Ottawa River will be covered by a sub-watershed study or a stormwater management retrofit study.

The Committee also approved funding(link is external) for applications to the Rural Community-Building Grants Program received in the first quarter of 2023. The program supports rural-based community improvement projects undertaken by non-profit organizations. The six projects selected for Q1 2023 would receive a total of about $32,300.

The City will continue to accept applications until the annual budget is fully allocated, and you can find grant program guidelines on

Recommendations from today’s meeting will rise to Council on Wednesday, May 10

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