Committee invests in emergency response, safe and secure Ottawa

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The City’s Emergency Preparedness and Protective Services Committee today recommended Council approve its portion of Draft Budget 2023(link is external), which invests in emergency response and readiness, while ensuring a safe and secure environment for people in Ottawa. 

The City’s emergency and protective services would collectively have a gross operating budget of $361 million in 2023, projected revenue of $109 million, and capital investments totaling $13 million. 

To better serve Ottawa’s growing population and address increasing emergency call volumes, the budget commits $1.8 million to hire 14 new paramedics and purchase the emergency vehicles needed to support them. The budget invests a further $2.7 million towards a new fire station to better serve existing, new and developing communities in the Kanata North area. 

The budget provides for resilient front-line response, including $250,000 to install back-up generators at fire stations and $321,000 to transition fire equipment to battery power. The budget invests over $2.4 million towards the maintenance of existing fire stations across the city. 

The City continues to renew and maintain its public safety equipment, facilities and technology. The budget accounts for lifecycle replacement and renewal of critical assets, including: 

  • $1.25 million for public access defibrillators 

  • $630,000 for the fire alert and paging system 

  • $500,000 for medical equipment 

  • $415,000 for security operations equipment 

  • $300,000 for   paramedic technology, tools and systems 

  • $200,000 for By-Law and Regulatory Services facilities 

  • 76,000 for By-Law and Regulatory Services communications technology 

  • $50,000 for the Emergency Operations Centre 

The budget approved today includes the Ottawa Paramedic Service, Ottawa Fire Services​, By-law and Regulatory Services​, Public Safety Service, Public Policy Development, and the General Manager’s office and Emergency and Protective Services support staff​.  

Council will consider the Draft Budget on Wednesday, March 1. 

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