Committee receives updates on affordable housing and the status of audit recommendations

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Today, the Audit Committee received a report from the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) on the City’s programs and structures to support the construction of new affordable housing.

The report examined a range of policies, programs, tools, and structures used by the City to increase the stock of affordable housing units in Ottawa through its 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan.

It was noted that the City has not reached its targets for new affordable housing units in recent years, due in part to funding from all levels of government and conditions within the development industry. However, the report found that the City has the structures, programs and tools in place to improve the delivery of affordable housing.

City staff agree with the report’s findings and are in the process of implementing the recommendations. The changes will enhance and accelerate the City’s ability to ensure that more residents can find safe, affordable and appropriate housing. The City is committed to strengthening its response to this issue.

The Committee also received the Auditor General’s semi-annual report on follow-up procedures, which highlighted past audits and whether recommendations have been fully implemented. The OAG reviewed 97 recommendations since the last formal report to Audit Committee in June 2023(link is external), 95 of which are now closed.

The City continues to address a total of 135 OAG recommendations issued since 2019. Of these, 49 are complete and ready for review, 47 are not yet due and 39 are past due.

Additionally, the Committee received the OAG’s report on the Fraud and Waste Hotline, which received 282 reports in 2023. Those reports contained 54 allegations that were substantiated as instances of fraud or waste following investigations.

These reports will rise to City Council on April 3, 2024.

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