Updates Halted During Election Period

The 60-day “blackout period” as described in the City's Election-Related Resources Policy will be in effect beginning August 25, 2022 until voting day, October 24, 2022 inclusive.

The City’s Election-Related Resources Policy (ERRP) and its Procedure prohibits Members of Council who are seeking re-election in a municipal election from using their office budgets to sponsor newsletters, advertisements, flyers or householders during the 60-day period leading up to and including Voting Day, with very few exceptions. In order to comply with the Election-Related Resources Policy, Councillor Rawlson King's office will not be issuing electronic newsletters, columns or Web site update from August 25, 2022, up to and including October 24, 2022.

My office remains open to deal with day-to-day constituency matters and contact information is available at www.rideau-rockcliffe.ca/contact

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