Crichton Street & Springfield Road Rehabilitation Delays

Scheduled construction work on Crichton Street and Springfield Road are delayed due to contractor labour disruptions. 

The LIUNA labour union strike and delays with the Ontario One Call Locates system have had a major impact on the amount of work Thomas Cavanagh Construction Ltd. was able to perform in 2022. It is unfortunate to inform residents that there will be some deferrals to the Crichton and Springfield projects.  These delays combined with temperatureand dry-weather requirements for placement of the asphalt/concrete effectively means that the contractor cannot complete all their contracted work this construction season. This is an industry-wide problem, and we are seeing similar deferrals in other wards and on other contracts.

We are disappointed with these deferrals.  

As a result of the delays sustained by the contractor, an extension of time is under review to capture the total days which will carry over into 2023 construction season. The work will resume once half-load restrictions have been lifted and residents will be notified of our return to work through our Notice to Resident flyers.   The contractor has contractual/financial obligations to complete all of this work as soon as conditions permit in the spring of 2023.

At this time, City staff believe that the following work/roads will be postponed until next year:





Crichton St

Beechwood Av

Dufferin Rd

Concrete works complete. Paving deferred to 2023.

Crichton St

Keefer St

Charles St

Concrete works complete. Paving deferred to 2023.

Springfield Rd

Beechwood Av

Maple Ln

Concrete works complete. Paving deferred to 2023.


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