CSST Schedule Update July 2019

The City of Ottawa has provided an update for the Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel (CSST) project. The CSST is designed to reduce the frequency of combined sewage outflows to the Ottawa River, and reduce basement flooding risks for several neighbourhoods, while improving the flexibility and redundancy of major downtown collector sewers, specifically the 50-year-old Interceptor Outfall Sewer and the 80-year-old Rideau Canal Interceptor Sewer.

Councillor King observes the crane at Stanley Park

The CSST project continues has good progress with tunnelling towards Lebreton Flats. Here is the updated construction schedule for this summer. 

The work involves constructing two interconnected tunnels to store a combination of surface runoff and wastewater. The north-south tunnel runs under Kent St., from Chamberlain Ave. to behind the Supreme Court of Canada, and the east-west tunnel extends from Lebreton Flats to Stanley Park, generally under Slater and Cumberland streets.

In addition to the tunnels, construction includes 15 major access shafts and four odour control facilities.

If you have specific concerns about the construction project and its impact on our community, please contact 613-580-2424 x 22778 (2CSST) or email [email protected].

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