E-scooters are back on Ottawa streets for 2023

This week, residents will see the return of shared electric kick-scooters to Ottawa streets. The 900 e-scooters can be used in only select neighbourhoods for now, bounded by Booth Street in the west and the Rideau River in the east and the south (the same areas they operated in 2022). The deployment area will expand in the coming weeks. The 2023 season ends, weather permitting, November 15.

Riders can unlock an e-scooter through the providers apps between 6 am and 11 pm throughout the season. To learn more about the e-scooter program, including rider rules, deployment areas and where to park, visit the e-scooters webpage on ottawa.ca

Key facts:

  • The City has selected the same two providers from the 2022 season for the 2023 season: Bird Canada and Neuron Mobility.
  • E-scooters emit a continuous sound when in use to alert other residents of their approach.
  • The e-scooter provider apps will only allow riders to end their rides in either physically designated parking areas or in approved areas identified digitally in each of the e-scooter provider’s app.
  • If an e-scooter is improperly parked, the rider will continue to be charged a fee until it’s properly parked or retrieved by the provider. Providers have also implemented fines and will remove users from their app who disregard the local rules, including sidewalk riding and improper parking.
  • Residents can report improper e-scooter parking and usage through a dedicated e-form on ottawa.ca or by calling 3-1-1. Dedicated By-law officers will also monitor parking and relocate or impound e-scooters as required.


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