Finance and Corporate Services Committee Update

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The City’s Information Technology Services (ITS) will continue to develop technology solutions that help to deliver quality services to residents. Yesterday, the Finance and Corporate Services Committee received a report on ITS’ planned work for 2024(link is external) with a strategic focus on three priority areas: Cybersecurity, Digital Modernization, and Enterprise Technology and Data.

ITS will focus on ensuring technology used to provide City services is current and effective, and that it meets the needs of the evolving workforce, including by making self-serve technology more accessible to departments. Residents will see better reliability and have an improved user-friendly experience when making requests through 3-1-1, accessing wifi at select City facilities and processing automated speed enforcement tickets.

The Committee also directed staff to implement a revised Community Partner Insurance Program(link is external). The City would procure commercial general liability insurance for community associations and groups whose primary focus is on delivering events and activities at the neighbourhood level Participating community associations and groups would be required to meet certain legitimacy and eligibility criteria. If staff are unable to procure insurance, the funding dedicated to the program would be reallocated to a separate insurance funding program within the City’s community funding framework.

The aim is to have a revised Community Partner Insurance Program in place by January 1, 2025 so it can be accounted for as part of the City's 2025 budget. The program will continue as is for the rest of the year. Staff will also conduct a comprehensive review to minimize City-imposed insurance requirements for community organizations while also limiting the City’s exposure to unreasonable risk.

Items from yesterday’s meeting will rise to Council on Wednesday, February 21.

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