Financial Literacy Program for Black Moms

Black Moms Connection presents:

Financial Literacy Course

Literate. Competence. Confidence.


FinLit Universe is a financial literacy program, designed for and by the Black Community, specifically for Black mothers. This free program is sponsored by TD.

Our program will be launching the first Eastern Canada cohort May 2023, and will be held virtually every Saturday for four weeks. Each week, we will be focusing on each of the following subjects: Budgeting and Savings, Credit, Taxes and Generational Wealth. 

Details are as follows:

·  Cohort 1 runs the month of May, every Saturday for four weeks from 10am - 2pm with a 30 minute lunch break

·  Each cohort will have 10 participants

·  Every week will focus on a new subject, and a different speaker

·  Program is free for participants

If you or a Mom you know, may be interested in this program, please complete this application. Please feel free to forward this email to them.

Any questions or inquiries - email: [email protected]


More about us….

Our primary beneficiaries are Black mothers. They, many like their mothers before them, work very hard to try and provide a good life for their children, but cannot seem to get ahead.

Their overwhelming consistent hopes are to:

·  Provide a better future for their children and establish some generational wealth

·  Know better to do better. They want to break generational bad habits.

·  Navigate financial systems better (by learning both the known and hidden languages)

·  Feel comfortable and confident in talking about money

Program outcomes:

·  Strengthen the Black community's relationship with money.

·  Enhance the Black mother's ability to navigate financial systems.

·  Prevent Black mothers and their families from being trapped in a negative generational cycle.

·  Strengthen the financial health and literacy of the Black mother.

·  Increase the confidence and awareness of the Black mother's ability to seek financial support.

·  Help Black mothers facing systemic racial barriers get better access to financial supports and systems

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