Free community-led Repair Cafe at City Hall - October 14

Repair and upcycle

There are ways you can prevent household objects from entering the landfill and save money at the same time. Instead of replacing broken items, try repairing them or upcycling them into something new and useful. Don’t worry if you don’t have the tools or knowledge to make the repair. The City is collaborating with Ottawa Tool Library to host a Repair Café!

Bring your broken items to the Repair Café at City Hall on Saturday, October 14 between 10 am and 3 pm. From broken vacuums to that annoying hole in your favourite sock, volunteers will do their best to help you get your item repaired and useable once more. There is no charge and no need to register in advance. To be mindful of time and space, please only bring one item for fixing. If your item is missing a piece or needs a replacement part, please bring that as well and make sure any textiles that need fixing are cleaned first.

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