Hydro Ottawa - tree trimming and power outage - Rockcliffe Way, Elmdale Avenue and Rock Avenue

Hydro Ottawa, along with its forestry contractor Asplundh, will complete tree trimming work on the below streets on February 23, 2023 as part of their efforts to prevent trees and branches from coming into contact with overhead power lines. Power outages are scheduled as a result of this work and will impact residents on the noted streets. At Hydro Ottawa, we believe that trees are an integral part of the health and enhancement of our community. While trees and electricity seldom mix, we believe they can be good neighbours. When planned responsibly and properly maintained, power outages are reduced by 40 per cent. When trimming, our goal is to remove only what’s absolutely necessary, focusing on trees directly in contact with a power line or within three metres. Our crews are expertly trained in pruning techniques and always do their best to redirect growth away from power lines while making efforts to protect the health of the tree. To achieve this, we comply with the reliability standards and clearance objectives required. Hydro Ottawa works closely with the City of Ottawa’s Forestry Services Department to meet these standards and objectives. All impacted residents will be contacted by phone, email or text and will be further notified by written notice delivered to their door where applicable. Further, notification will be provided if the power outage is to extend beyond the original duration time. In case of adverse weather, the outage may be rescheduled. 

Affected streets: Rockliffe Way, Elmdale Avenue and Rock Avenue

Start date: February 23, 2023

Planned power outage: 8 am to 2 pm.

Contractor on site: Asplundh 

Total customers impacted: 15

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