Hydro Restoration Update

Update on hydro restoration efforts in Rideau-Rockcliffe Ward.

Hydro Restoration Update 

While I will continue to pressure Ottawa Hydro for a detailed report concerning outage, repair and restoration of power service, I did not receive in-depth additional Ward specific information as expected today.

Ottawa Hydro noted in discussions with me today that the sheer damage to the network and the complicated nature of repair, combined with multiple tree contacts and debris, along with poor weather, have slowed power restoration in Rideau-Rockcliffe. 

Consequently, the Ottawa Hydro CEO told me he is not willing to make a specific time commitment for power restoration or detailed updates in Ward 13 neighbourhoods at this time. Not unlike many fellow residents in the Ward, I have no power at home, and I find Hydro Ottawa's communications with both customers and my office unsatisfactory, and their stance completely unacceptable. 

I asked at the beginning of the week for Hydro to provide more specific neighbourhood details for all Ward communities, with restoration times to my office so that I could communicate that information directly to the community.   

I have only received one specific update to date and that was concerning Overbrook yesterday which I relayed to the community immediately.  The information ended up not accurate since a tremendous number of addresses in that community are still without power today.   

In reply, Hydro noted that issues in Overbrook have not been resolved due to a circuit to flow power to the area being tripped off twice owing to damage to equipment.  Due to this fault, a limited number of households in the community were reconnected.  The remaining homes are now subject to a series of technical queries, diagnostics, and interventions, all of which take additional time, focus and effort.   

While the work has been slowed throughout all neighbourhoods including  Manor Park, Lindenlea, Forbes, New Edinburgh and Manor Park, due to these complex challenges, Hydro crews are continuing work in these neighbourhoods and continue to return to power to residents on an on-going basis. 

While I am grateful for the dedication of hydro workers working to restore power, especially the additional 250 workers complimenting Hydro Ottawa's regular workforce, I will continue to keep advocating for rapid restoration and more communication from Hydro Ottawa, since the scale and scope of outage in our communities are unacceptable. 

I will also continue to work with residents identify areas that need priority restoration. 


Social Supports 

As we head into the weekend, the Emergency Operations Centre, and the City Human Needs Task Force, with the support of food security community partners will continue to ensure residents in Rideau-Rockcliffe will have mobilized resources. 

Supports available over the weekend: May 27-28, 2022 include: 

  • St. Laurent Complex - 10am to 10pm 
    showers, washrooms, meals /food, charging devices and Red Cross will be available
  • Bernard Grandmaitre - 10am to 10pm 
    showers, washrooms, food, and charging devices will be available
  • Overbrook Community Centre- 11am to 7pm washrooms, food, food distribution, and charging devices will be available

So far over 3,000 meals have been distributed through Rideau-Rockcliffe Ward to those most affected by the storm.  Financial support, medical supplies, batteries, and flashlights have been provided to those in need through wellness visits. 

Food support and wellness checks will continue this weekend and into next week.  Residents can call 2-1-1 for additional information and support.  

The City will continue to work closely with Ottawa Community Housing to address neighbourhoods that are at risk and focus on Emergency Operation relief efforts, including wellness visits to priority areas. As the situation remains fluid, we will be in a better position early next week to share ongoing community support.  




Hydro Ottawa’s crews and contractors continue to work around the clock to restore power; however, the destruction in several areas has been profound. If the storm has caused damage to your home’s electrical system or you notice trees or branches near an overhead power line, do not attempt to make any repairs yourself. Stay back to avoid the risk of shock, electrocution or fire. 

In some instances, you may need to make repairs to your electrical equipment before we are able to reconnect your power. Typically, your equipment begins where the wires attach to the house and Hydro Ottawa is responsible for the wires coming from the hydro pole to the house. 

For guidance on electrical equipment, undertaking electrical service repairs, or tree trimming please contact us at 613 738-6418 or visit our website athydroottawa.com/safety

If your owned electrical equipment is damaged, you will need to arrange for repairs before we can safely reconnect your power. 

Follow these four steps to get repairs done safely: 


Stay back to avoid the risk of shock, electrocution or fire. 


To verify which equipment is yours, or if you notice trees or branches near overhead wires call 613 738-6418 or visit hydroottawa.com/safety. 


Only use a Licensed Electrical Contractor to make repairs. Your electrical contractor will perform any necessary repairs and coordinate with the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) and Hydro Ottawa to ensure all work has been done safely and power can be reconnected. To find a licenced electrical contractor, visit findacontractor.esasafe.com. 


Ask your contractor for a copy of the ‘ESA Certificate of Inspection'. Most home insurance policies cover the cost to repair a home's electrical equipment. Please contact your insurer for details specific to your circumstances.  

Our team is here to help If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Hydro Ottawa at 613 738-6418 or visit hydroottawa.com/safety for more information. 


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