Important tour announcement: the Hydrant Fountain is back!

This cool and innovative fountain debuted just last year as a solo act and the reviews were so good it came back this summer as a group of six, with more dates available for Ottawa fans to enjoy.  

These mobile, seasonal fountains attach to local fire hydrants, are completely accessible and dispense the same reliable drinking water found in Ottawa homes.

Performing in parks, at events, and on street corners in communities across the city, this may be the coolest show in town this summer!

Bring your pets, your water bottles, your guests from out of town – this tour is for anyone who drinks water.

Want to see the hydrant fountain make a stop in your neighbourhood? There are a few dates still available so let us know at [email protected] and you could just land one of the tour’s final stops!

And now a word from our sponsors at the City of Ottawa’s Infrastructure and Water Services Department.

  • Ottawa has some of the safest and highest quality drinking water in the world, right from the tap.
  • The City’s water is safe and reliable, it is tested 100,000 times annually.
  • The City provides clean, refreshing drinking water to more than 950,000 residents via more than 3,200 kilometres of underground pipelines that connect to 23,000 hydrants.
  • You can fill your 750 millilitres reusable water bottle 400 times for just $1.
  • The City of Ottawa and its partners at Ottawa Fire Services confirm that the fountains in no way impact the ability to access a hydrant in the event of an emergency.

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