Increased parking enforcement and possible traffic delays for motorists on Tuesday

A graphic with a white background and black text that reads "Increased parking enforcement and possible traffic delays for motorists on February 14"

The City of Ottawa is advising drivers that they may experience traffic disruptions along Highway 417 or the downtown core on Tuesday, February 14, due to the possibility of convoy activity.

The City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Police Service continue to monitor the situation and are working together to minimize any potential disruptions. Residents and businesses will see an increased police presence from time to time in the downtown core and surrounding areas. Illegal activity, including obstructing or impeding the flow of traffic with vehicles on any roadway, will not be tolerated and will be met with swift and immediate action.


Special parking restrictions will be in effect downtown beginning Tuesday at 6 am. Residents and visitors are advised to follow posted signage and to park their vehicles accordingly.

City of Ottawa By-law and Regulatory Services will have additional officers in the downtown core, ensuring all parking regulations are observed. Vehicles found violating these regulations will be ticketed and towed. Exceptions will be made for permit holders and hospitality service loading zones.

Ensuring all other by-laws observed

In addition to parking violations, tickets will be issued to any individual or group in violation of any other City of Ottawa By-law, including:

  • Unnecessary motor-vehicle or other noise, including speakers
  • Construction or installation of structures on City property
  • Public urination and defecation
  • Open air fires
  • Littering
  • Lighting and discharging fireworks

It’s important to note that fireworks are only permitted for use two times per year – Canada Day and Victoria Day and the day before and after those days.

OC Transpo update

There are no changes planned to transit services. Stay up to date on the latest transit information by visiting is external), calling 613-560-5000 or following OC Transpo’s Twitter account(link is external).

Ottawa is a safe and inclusive city for everyone

The City of Ottawa is responsible for ensuring residents feel safe in their community and in accessing the programs, businesses, services and supports that the City has to offer. The City values a diversity of minds, perspectives and lived experiences and denounces any displays of hate and racism.

The possibility of this week’s events could be cause for stress and worry. For many individuals, healing from past demonstrations is ongoing. The impact of a stressful event can be immediate or delayed and those affected can feel a range of emotions and reactions. Reach out for help, someone is there to talk. Call the Distress Centre of Ottawa and Region (link is external)at 613-238-3311 for services in English or French. This phone line is your connection to mental health support and resources 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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