July 5, 2024 Newsletter

July 5, 2024 newsletter from Rawlson King, City Councillor for Rideau-Rockcliffe.

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Bicycle registration

The Ottawa Police Service recovers hundreds of bikes a year but often have very little information to discover whom they belong to. By registering your bike, the information is available to OPS help get your bike back to you if it's found. It's easy to register. Simply download the app from Apple or Google, input your information, and even upload an image of your bike. This service is free. You can also use this service to check any bike that you are considering buying to make sure it wasn't reported stolen. And if you find a bike you can post it through that service to help get it back to its owner. Visit project529.com/garage for more information. More details are available at ottawapolice.ca.

Follow these tips to help protect your investment:

  • Store your bicycle inside (in a locked garage, if available), and avoid locking your bike on the front porch or at the side of your house.
  • If you live in living in high-rise apartments and condominiums, store your bike in a designated secured enclosure.
  • Use easy-to-see bike racks, properly anchored and not concealed by landscaping or structures.
  • Invest in a proper bike lock, such as a U-Lock that requires more time to defeat than a cable lock.  Consult with your local bike shop for expert advice and how to secure your bike properly.
  • Take your helmet and any bike accessories with you (if possible) to minimize being targeted.
  • When transporting, consider locking your bike on your car rack if you plan to leave it unattended.
  • If you're buying a used bike, ask to meet in a public place and verify the serial number on 529 Garage. If the seller isn't comfortable, you shouldn't be either!
  • Always report thefts to the police – online 


Join the Ottawa Police Youth Advisory Committee - Applications due by Sept. 1

Ottawa Police are recruiting for the Youth Advisory Committee! Are you under 24 and interested in sharing ideas and working together with police to help build a safer Ottawa? Apply by September 1! Visit ottawapolice.ca/YAC to apply.


Make the Right Call 


When to Call 911:

  • For crimes in progress and life-threatening emergencies
  • You witness a dangerous or impaired driver
  • There is a vehicle collision with injuries
  • Fire or medical emergency

When to call 613-236-1222. Please listen to the prompts.

  • Residential or commercial break and enter
  • Missing person
  • Suspicious activity or vehicle (drug trafficking in progress)
  • Stolen vehicle
  • Assault where no medical attention is required
  • Animal abuse
  • Vehicle collision where no injuries are reported

When to call and make a report with the Ottawa Police Reporting Unit 613-236-1222, extension 7300. Open seven days a week between 10 am and 8:45 pm.

  • Alcohol and drug use in public (for example, in city parks)
  • Reporting to the police after the fact – an incident has occurred, but no one has remained on scene
  • Disputes or harassment (for example, argument with neighbour, stalking, fear for non-immediate safety)
  • Sexual assault reported, where there is no longer evidence

When the Ottawa Police Reporting Unit (PRU) is closed between the hours of 9 pm and 10 am, an automated attendant will provide you with options on how to redirect your call.

When to make a report using the Ottawa Police online system at ottawapolice.ca/onlinereporting:

  • Theft (excluding theft of passports or other citizenship documents)
  • Lost Property (with a visible serial number or distinct marking such as a custom engraving)
  • This does not include: cellphones, credit and debit cards; please phone your banking institution or cellphone company
  • Mischief/Damage to Property 
  • Theft from Vehicle
  • Traffic Complaints 
  • Drug Complaints (drug trafficking information)
  • Fraud Complaints
  • Hate-Motivated Incidents
  • Add information to an existing report

Crime Stoppers: If you have information about a crime but want to remain completely anonymous, you can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or submit a tip online at crimestoppers.ca.

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