June 28, 2024 Newsletter

June 28, 2024 newsletter from Rawlson King, City Councillor for Rideau-Rockcliffe.

Emergency Services News

Ottawa Police launch new strategy to improve community safety and well-being in downtown Ottawa


The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) is excited to announce the launch of its Community Outreach Response and Engagement (CORE) Strategy. An important component of the OPS’ Community Policing Strategy, CORE is an action plan focused on reducing crime in specific areas of Ottawa by dealing with the root issues. In these beginning stages, CORE will focus on enhancing public safety in the ByWard Market and Rideau Street area. Developed through extensive consultation with local stakeholders and partners, CORE seeks long-term solutions to improve safety downtown. Using an evidence-based approach, CORE will leverage information at hand to allocate services and resources where they are needed most, with sustainable community-led solutions. A central element of the CORE strategy is the Neighbourhood Operations Centre (NOC), located at 50 Rideau Street. Fully operational by Monday, June 3, the NOC will act as a vital coordination hub to enhance police presence and provide a collaborative space to work with our local partners. Visit ottawapolice.ca for more details. For more information on the CORE Strategy and its initiatives, visit ottawapolice.ca/CORE.


Ottawa Police Service presents its 2023 Annual Report


The Ottawa Police Service has issued its 2023 Annual Report, which features community initiatives, achievements, and key statistics. In addition to an overview of the number of calls for service received last year and police response times, the 2023 Annual Report highlights the work OPS members do in partnership with our communities and frontline agencies to prevent and investigate crime and to develop programs and services supporting the safety and well-being of residents and visitors to Ottawa. Ottawa remains one of the largest geographical areas of coverage for any police service, nearly six times the size of the City of Toronto and about twice that of comparable populations in Edmonton and Calgary. In 2023, the OPS launched the Community Safety Data Portal, signifying a significant step towards modernizing policing and enhancing transparency. 

Key statistics from 2023:  

  • Service requests increased by 15%, totaling 427,400. This included about 54,100 more calls through the dispatch system (400,000 total) and around 3,000 additional reports submitted online (27,400 total)
  • The rise in requests for service was primarily caused by a spike in non-dispatched 911 calls, triggered by the automatic SOS feature on Android devices. This issue, which led to an unusually high volume of emergency calls, has now been resolved.
  • With 48,000 reported Criminal Code of Canada offences (excluding traffic) in the city of Ottawa, the level of reported crime increased by 12% last year.
  • The clearance rate for total Criminal Code offences (excluding traffic) remained in line with the previous year’s results (28%).
  • Ottawa’s Crime Severity Index (CSI) increased by 5% to 59 points (Violent CSI was in line with the previous year's value; Non-Violent CSI was up 8 percent).   
  • The volume of reported violent crimes increased by 3% in 2023, driven by assaults, threats, and robberies.   
  • Property-related offences increased by 13% in 2023 primarily due to increases in the number of thefts (including shoplifting), fraud, mischief, break and enters, and thefts from motor vehicles.  
  • There were 15 homicide incidents in 2023 with 16 victims. 12 of the occurrences have been solved.
  • In 2023, shootings increased by 22% from 60 to 73, and OPS officers seized 81 crime guns.  
  • The number of collisions on Ottawa roadways increased by 28% to nearly 19,300, while fatalities increased to 27 (up from 23 in 2022).  

The report also provides insights into the strategic goals for the coming years, focusing on community trust, crime prevention, and resource optimization. The full report is available at ottawapolice.ca/2023.


Join the Ottawa Police Youth Advisory Committee - Applications due by Sept. 1

Ottawa Police are recruiting for the Youth Advisory Committee! Are you under 24 and interested in sharing ideas and working together with police to help build a safer Ottawa? Apply by September 1! Visit ottawapolice.ca/YAC to apply.


Make the Right Call 


When to Call 911:

  • For crimes in progress and life-threatening emergencies
  • You witness a dangerous or impaired driver
  • There is a vehicle collision with injuries
  • Fire or medical emergency

When to call 613-236-1222. Please listen to the prompts.

  • Residential or commercial break and enter
  • Missing person
  • Suspicious activity or vehicle (drug trafficking in progress)
  • Stolen vehicle
  • Assault where no medical attention is required
  • Animal abuse
  • Vehicle collision where no injuries are reported

When to call and make a report with the Ottawa Police Reporting Unit 613-236-1222, extension 7300. Open seven days a week between 10 am and 8:45 pm.

  • Alcohol and drug use in public (for example, in city parks)
  • Reporting to the police after the fact – an incident has occurred, but no one has remained on scene
  • Disputes or harassment (for example, argument with neighbour, stalking, fear for non-immediate safety)
  • Sexual assault reported, where there is no longer evidence

When the Ottawa Police Reporting Unit (PRU) is closed between the hours of 9 pm and 10 am, an automated attendant will provide you with options on how to redirect your call.

When to make a report using the Ottawa Police online system at ottawapolice.ca/onlinereporting:

  • Theft (excluding theft of passports or other citizenship documents)
  • Lost Property (with a visible serial number or distinct marking such as a custom engraving)
  • This does not include: cellphones, credit and debit cards; please phone your banking institution or cellphone company
  • Mischief/Damage to Property 
  • Theft from Vehicle
  • Traffic Complaints 
  • Drug Complaints (drug trafficking information)
  • Fraud Complaints
  • Hate-Motivated Incidents
  • Add information to an existing report

Crime Stoppers: If you have information about a crime but want to remain completely anonymous, you can call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or submit a tip online at crimestoppers.ca.


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