Lansdowne 2.0 - Public Engagement

If you haven’t heard, Lansdowne Park is in need of significant renovations. The City of Ottawa and Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG) have worked together to create a plan that reflects the history, unique location and role of Lansdowne as a year-round gathering place for Canada’s capital.

For all the details, schedules, background and information, visit This site is your go-to source for all information about Lansdowne 2.0 and it’s your best place to have your voice heard above the crowd.

And you don’t have to register to take part.

You can start by completing this survey. This is only the first of many opportunities you will have to provide input about Lansdowne 2.0. Depending on how you like to use Lansdowne, think of it as a pre-season game before the regular season, an opening act before the big show begins or a door-crasher-special before the rest of the shoppers arrive.

Now and in the coming months, you will find more and more information on the Lansdowne 2.0 engagement page about:

  • Proposed upgrades to Lansdowne
  • Project timelines
  • Project impacts on housing, transportation and financing
  • Surveys for each stage of the project
  • Contact information for project leaders

In addition to the surveys, you’ll get a chance to have your say through:

  • Public workshops, both virtual and in-person
  • Pop-up info tables at Lansdowne events
  • Contacting your own City councillor

You can see highlights, stay up to date and be the first to see updates at

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