Light Rail Sub-Committee hears about preparations for launch of O-Train Lines 2 and 4

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On June 19, the City’s Light Rail Sub-Committee received a report and detailed presentation on the projects being coordinated by staff to ensure a successful launch of O-Train Lines 2 and 4 this fall.

The Rail Operational Readiness (ROR) program and the Rail Activation Management Program (RAMP) involve numerous complex projects that will deliver on the planned Stage 2 of Ottawa’s light rail transit (LRT) system.

ROR is a structured project management approach that supports the development and implementation of the strategic projects and activities models that ensure a seamless and positive end-to-end customer journey.

RAMP tracks and reports on all deliverables required for the launch. RAMP provides for a successful transition to launch, from construction to operations, including vehicles, system testing and commissioning, operations and maintenance, and customer-facing elements.

Most importantly, ROR and RAMP were created to ensure a positive customer experience on LRT from Day 1.

ROR and RAMP represent a coordinated team effort, which includes planning dress rehearsal activities with a variety of situations. These preparations include the regulatory framework and tabletop exercises, Transit Operations Control Centre readiness, contracts, and systems. Customer facing elements such as traffic and transit connectivity, station design, wayfinding, and safety, play an important role in staff preparations.

OC Transpo will continue to deliver on its commitment to transparency, and to ensuring that lessons learned from the Line 1 experience are implemented to ensure a successful delivery of Stage 2 for customers and residents alike.

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