May 13 Newsletter 2022

May 13, 2022 newsletter from Rawlson King, City Councillor for Rideau-Rockcliffe.

A site plan application for 99 Beechwood was considered at Planning Committee this past week. While the committee decided to endorse the site plan application and to return delegated authority to City staff, I did make an inquiry to staff to encourage and retain retail storefronts on our main streets.  

Residents are advised that a ban on open-air fires is in effect throughout the City of Ottawa. All open air fires are prohibited during a ban, including properties that have an Open Air Fire Permit. The next Wildlife Speaker Series presentation will be on Wednesday, June 8 at 7:00pm. Tune in to learn all about safe and responsible hiking in natural areas. The Overbrook Community Garden is distributing free seed and soil in partnership with Greely Sand & Gravel and the City of Ottawa tomorrow, Saturday May 14 from 9am to 12pm. A registration form must be filled out in advance. Finally, Active Newcomer Youth Ottawa will be starting their tournament season in July 2022 and registration is now open. More information can be found in the penultimate item in this newsletter. 

Site Plan Application for 99 Beechwood 

This week, the site plan application for 99 Beechwood was considered at Planning Committee. Residents may recall that I maintained withdrawal of delegated authority to bring this matter before the Committee in order to have a larger policy discussion concerning what tools the City could employ in the future to insist that proposed developments on traditional main streets offer commercial space. Ultimately, the Committee opted to endorse the site plan application and to return delegated authority to City staff. I however made an inquiry to staff concerning whether inclusionary zoning could be applied to address the provision of commercial space or other community needs besides affordable housing, and if the City can entertain the creation of a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) that incentivizes the provision of commercial space on main street corridors. 

Residents can learn more about my perspective here: 

Ban on Open-Air Fires in effect throughout the City of Ottawa 

Ottawa Fire Services (OFS) is implementing a ban on open air burning for the entire City of Ottawa effective Wednesday, May 11th 2022 at 2pm. 

All open air fires are prohibited during a ban, including properties that have an Open Air Fire Permit. This ban applies to agricultural burns, brush pile burns, as well as campfires and wood burning outdoor fireplaces. There will be zero tolerance enforcement during the fire ban as per the Open Air Fire By-law No. 2004-163. Devices which do not require a permit such as propane, ethanol, and natural gas outdoor fireplaces and barbecues are not included in the ban and residents are advised to follow the manufacturer's specifications for safe clearances and operation.  

Ottawa Fire Services implements a ban on open-air fires based on environmental conditions in order to prevent the rapid spread of fire due to grass and brush fires. Hot dry conditions in recent days have increased risks and can quickly lead to fast and uncontrolled spread of fire. The current heat and humidity also poses an increased danger of heat exhaustion for crews who would be called to attack an out of control fire. This ban will remain in place until lower temperatures and more precipitation allowing conditions to improve and risks to decrease. 

We thank area residents for their patience and cooperation with this matter. 

Reduce your risk around the home 

  • Residents are encouraged to take advantage of weekly yard waste collection and use the following tips to prevent grass and brush fires: 
  • Clear all combustible materials such as tree limbs, leaves and other dry materials away from buildings and propane tanks. 
  • Keep barbecue propane tanks at least three metres from buildings. 
  • Wood piles should be stored a safe distance from your home. 
  • Trees should be pruned to create a good vertical separation from the ground. 
  • Clear out any accumulated dry or dead debris from your property. 


Carelessly discarded cigarettes continue to be a major cause of grass fires during these dry periods. Smokers are reminded to please use care when butting out. Do not throw lit cigarettes out vehicle windows. 

We appreciate your assistance in preventing grass or other dangerous fires to occur during high risk periods. 

Wildlife speaker series | City of Ottawa – Happy Trails! Safe and Responsible Hiking in Natural Areas 

Spending time outdoors in nature is good for our physical and mental health, and the Ottawa area has a rich diversity of greenspaces and trails to explore. Outdoor recreation has been especially important during the pandemic, and many people have discovered the joys of hiking or biking our trails for the first time. The City wants to ensure that all trail users know how to stay safe and enjoy their experience, with minimal impact on the natural environment. We invite you to join us for a presentation by local outdoors enthusiast and wellness advocate, Vickie Lanthier of GirlGoneGood. Click here to learn more about this presentation. 

Free Seed and Soil to Grow Food in Overbrook!  

2022 is the Year of the Garden in Ottawa! Do you want to grow food in your garden or on your balcony? Do you face financial or any other barriers to accessing Good Food and/or gardening? If “Yes”, then you can pick up free vegetable seed and soil in Overbrook through the Just Food Seed and Soil Program!  

This program is run in partnership with Greely Sand & Gravel and the City of Ottawa, as well as amazing volunteers and community partners in your neighbourhood.  

You can receive a minimum of 6 vegetable seed varieties and approximately 160 litres of organic top-soil (which is equal to three blue/black recycling bins full of soil) for free 

You will also receive an information sheet with resources including instructions on how to grow food from seed and weblinks to a Garden Guide in 5 languages (English, French, Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish). 

Your Seed and Soil Distribution Event Details:  


Contact Email:     [email protected]  

Location:              Overbrook Community Centre Gardens,  

Edith at King George Streets 

Date & Time:        Saturday, May 14  from 9 a.m.  to 12 noon 

What You Need to Do: 

  1. Fill out this online Registration Form   : 
  2. Go to the Distribution Event at the Overbrook Community Garden site. 
  3. Visit the Registration Table to sign in and pick up your seed and Information Sheet 

Soil is Heavy!  

What You MUST Bring to the Distribution Event:  

  1. A vehicle that can transport soil  
    • If the event is driving distance, bring a car that can fit three recycling bins  
    • If the event is walking distance, walk with a wheelbarrow, wagon, or other vehicle (it may take you a couple trips) 
  2. 3 blue / black recycling bins (or similar containers) to contain your soil. Garbage bags are NOT strong enough. Borrow from your neighbors if you need more bins! 

Active Newcomer Youth Ottawa will be starting their tournament season in July 2022!! 

Open to all newcomer racialized youth ANYO organization brings youth together with a mission to promote youth mental health and well- being through sports and recreation. ANYO's vision is to reduce the gap in youth isolation in lower to middle income newcomer and immigrant families. 

ANYO has made these tournaments FREE to participate for the entire season to ensure that affordability wasn't a barrier. This inclusive program includes youth skills development, literacy, peer support and encourages volunteerism and movement. 

Registration is now OPEN! Interested participants should email: [email protected] 

For more details please check out ANYO's website here: 

Montreal Road Revitalization 

Work activities planned for the next two weeks (May 9 to May 20) include: 

  • North River Road multi-use-path (MUP) – Starting mid-week this week, the MUP on the west side of North River Road from Montreal Road to south of Tudor Place will be under construction. Pedestrians will be detoured to the sidewalk on the east side of North River Road while cyclists will share the road. The work entails installation of a handrail and a new asphalt surface for the MUP. The work is anticipated to take approximately two weeks.  
  • Watermain and underground pipe – Watermain work is continuing at the Montreal Road/Granville intersection. Water shut offs were completed last week and temporary water services are up and running.  The next water shut off is expected in mid-June when the new watermain is in place and buildings are reconnected to the new main. The underground work at the Montreal Road/Granville intersection will continue over the next several months which includes storm and sanitary pipe replacement.    
  • Road excavation – Road excavation and road box construction is continuing between L’Eglise and St. Laurent on the south side of Montreal Road. 
  • Utility and telecoms – Underground utility work and placement of telecom ducts to allow for hydro pole burial is continuing on the south side of Montreal Road between Lafontaine and de L’Eglise. 
  • Landscaping – Preparation for landscape has started with some sod placement starting in the next two weeks along sections of Montreal Road and North River Road. 

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