May 28 Newsletter 2022

Update on hydro restoration efforts in Rideau-Rockcliffe Ward.

The City’s Emergency Operations Centre remains in active operations with respect to the severe weather event which occurred a week ago today. I am providing an update today as the situation is evolving rapidly and I want to assure you that support and work is continuing this weekend.

Power Restoration

Power has been restored to 154,000 customers, or 91 percent of Ottawa Hydro clients, across the full breadth of Hydro Ottawa’s service territory. Crews continue to work non-stop across the city, including in Rideau-Rockcliffe, making areas safe and restoring as many customers as possible.

Today, I have observed significant progress being made in the Ward, with crews working and restoring power to our effective areas of the Ward.  There remains substantive power outages, damaged property and fallen trees, particularly in Overbrook, New Edinburgh, Forbes, Manor Park, Lindenlea and Rockcliffe Park.  Though much work needs to continue for us to reach full restoration, Hydro Ottawa issued the following update for the Ward as of 12 pm on today concerning its progress:

Hydro looked at 27 circuits that feed this ward: 21 of which never lost power, 2 have been fully restored, 2 is partially restored, and 2 remain fully out

~ 11,000 customers are tied to these circuits

~ 1,100 are still without power

The circuits that are pending full restoration include the following neighbourhoods:

Forbes area - West of Aviation Parkway and South of Montreal Road and Parts of Vanier South

Hydro Ottawa update: This circuit is partially restored. Out of 631 homes, 2 homes remain without power. Restoration time is pending.

Overbrook - Prince Albert St/Queen Mary St/King George St area

Hydro Ottawa update: This circuit is completely out. 750 homes remain without power. Work is underway today (May 28, 2022). We expect to be able to bring this circuit up later today/overnight. There is still a lot of forestry and secondary repairs after the energization to fully restore the area.

Overbrook - Parts of St.Laurent, Coventry Rd, Donald St, Mcarthur Drive area

Hydro Ottawa update: This circuit is partially restored. Out of 120 homes, 95 homes remain without power. Restoration time is pending

Rockcliffe Park and Lindenlea area

Hydro Ottawa update: This circuit is completely out. 233 homes remain without power. Restoration time is pending.

Residents in the Forbes neighbourhood of our Ward have reported that information provided in Hydro Ottawa’s Ward-specific report is incorrect concerning the number of households without power.  My office has been diligently relaying this information to Hydro.

Reporting Outages

Hydro Ottawa continues to reiterate that as it continues working to energize circuits across the city, it is of utmost importance that residents report damage to their home or business, and/or any downed power lines they may see on their property, to Hydro Ottawa.

Hydro Ottawa is asking customers to report these downed power lines or outages, through its 24/7 outage line at 613-738-0188 or report it online. This will ensure that the outage is automatically tied to your residence and that Hydro crews who are working 24x7 to restore the city are notified immediately.

For damaged customer-owned electrical equipment, customers are advised to follow these four simple steps:

  • Stay away, and do not attempt to repair the equipment yourself
  • Call Hydro Ottawa’s Service Desk at  613 738-6418
  • Seek a licensed electrical contractor
  • Contact your insurer

As Hydro Ottawa has mentioned before, this storm has impacted the city as a whole, and they understand there are pockets in some neighbourhoods that have sustained extensive damage to both its infrastructure and customers’ homes. They are working on these smaller pockets of the city that are still without power, and it is important for Hydro crews to know where the damage is located, if not reported already. This will help expedite their repair and restoration efforts.

Social Services

The City will continue to operate accessible Emergency Reception Centres where residents can access power and services. These centres are open from 10 am until 10 pm throughout the weekend.

Supports available in Rideau-Rockcliffe this weekend (May 28-29, 2022) include: 

  • St. Laurent Complex - 10am to 10pm
    showers, washrooms, meals/food, charging devices and Red Cross will be available
  • Bernard Grandmaitre - 10am to 10pm
    showers, washrooms, food, and charging devices will be available
  • Overbrook Community Centre - 11am to 7pm washrooms, food, food distribution, and charging devices will be available

I would like to personally thank City and Ottawa Community Housing staff who have been tirelessly staffing these locations to provide vital services to our community.  OCH community development staff conducted over 800 wellness checks with residents over the past two days.  I appreciate their efforts.

Neighbours helping neighbours

On Saturday and Sunday, volunteers of all abilities are needed to help with cleanup projects across the city as a result of the May 21 storm. There are two ways you can support this weekend with the City of Ottawa and our community partners. 

Clean Up The Capital: After the storm

Much like the usual Cleaning the Capital program, this is an ideal way for neighbours, families and friends to work together to clean up their neighbourhood. Participants are asked to complete the electronic registration form. Supplies will be available for pickup as of Saturday, May 28, between 10 am and 10 pm, at the following locations: 

  • Navan Memorial Centre & Arena, 1295 Colonial Road
  • Howard Darwin Centennial (Merivale) Arena, 1765 Merivale Road
  • Hunt Club-Riverside Park Community Centre, 3320 Paul Anka Drive
  • CARDELREC Recreation Complex (Goulbourn), 1500 Shea Road

Volunteering with our community partners

The City in partnership with Samaritan’s Purse, a non-government organization (NGO), will provide support to residents who have been impacted on their private property. To inquire about projects that can use your specialized skills, please contact Samaritan’s Purse at 1-844-547-2663 or (service in English only).

 Volunteers are asked to bring the following:

  • weather-appropriate clothing that may get dirty, wet, or damaged
  • work gloves if you have them, otherwise they can be provided
  • close-toed footwear (ideally steel-toed boots)

Please do not bring your own equipment or tools to a Samaritan’s Purse project.

Samaritan’s Purse is a member of the NGO Ontario Alliance that helps people in communities around the world, regardless of religious affiliation, to rebuild and recover from crises and was a community partner with the City of Ottawa during the 2019 Flood and the 2018 Tornado recoveries.

Road Closures on Sunday in Rockcliffe Park

There will be road closures around Rockcliffe Park and neighbouring communities on Sunday morning, May 29, to accommodate the Ottawa Marathon road race. The route of the race is a closed loop: along Stanley Avenue, Crichton Street, Beechwood Avenue, Hemlock to Birch, then Birch and through parts of Manor Park to the Parkway, then Lisgar Road, Princess Ave, and Sussex Drive.

Motor vehicles (except for emergency services) will not be allowed to cross the race route between 7am and the passage of the last participants, probably some time between noon and 1pm. People are usually allowed to cross on foot, under the direction of marshals; there may be delay at busy times. If you will need to travel by car outside of the enclosed area on Sunday morning, the only way to do this is to leave your car outside the area before 7am on Sunday.

Be aware that there will also be loud music at points along the route that may affect some residents.


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