May 5 Newsletter 2020

May 5, 2020 newsletter from Rawlson King, City Councillor for Rideau-Rockcliffe.

COVID-19: Share your thoughts

As Ottawa and the rest of the world continue to respond to this unprecedented time in history, the City of Ottawa and Ottawa Public Health are looking to learn more about your thoughts, perceptions and understanding of current restrictions in place related to COVID-19.

The City and Ottawa Public Health are currently exploring how we can safely reopen the city in a gradual, phased approach while aligning with the Province of Ontario’s framework for reopening the province

We want to hear from you about the changes you have made to protect yourself and your loved ones from COVID-19, how easy it has been for you to receive and understand information from different levels of government, what kinds of supports you have accessed, your ideas on how to maintain physical distancing into the future and much more.

Your feedback will help us develop a recovery plan that meets the needs and expectations of our community. Tell us what you think here.

For the latest information on COVID-19 in Ottawa, visit For information about municipal service changes and updates, please visit

Staying active outdoors during COVID-19

Ottawa Public Health has created a useful guide to staying safe and staying active during the current pandemic. Check it out for some tips!

Recommendations for Farmers’ Markets and Community Agricultural boxes including pickup and delivery options

Farmer’s Markets have been deemed an essential business, under the current Order from the Province of Ontario. Ottawa Public Health has worked with partners to establish objectives to keep people safe. Please note that market organizers require landowner permission to operate while Provincial orders in place. Market organizers must also contact Ottawa Public Health to review their plans before operating.

To reduce risks, OPH recommends implementing strategies that encourage physical distancing, including: More information can be found here

  • Sale of food products only
  • Pre-order, pre-pay, and use e-payments
  • Pre-package food items
  • No sampling permitted
  • Limit the number of people inside the market to allow for physical distancing – encourage one member per family
  • Limit number of vendor’s at each stall to ensure 2 metre physical distancing
  • Provide barriers between staff, volunteers and customers where possible
  • Vendor stalls/vehicles to be at least 2 metres/6 feet apart
  • If line-ups do occur inside, support clients to physically distance by providing markings on the floor for 2 metre/6 feet distance
  • Establish line management practices for any customers waiting outside to enter the market that require 2 meters/6 feet physical distancing
  • Encourage organized/staggered appointments for food pick-up to reduce the number of people on-site at the same time
  • Upon customer pick-up:
    • ensure physical distance is maintained
    • recommend no contact pick-up, by encouraging customers to stay in vehicle and place items in trunk
  • Practice hand hygiene with either soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer immediately after each interaction
  • If delivering food, items should be left at the door rather than a face-to-face interaction take place
    • Delivery person can knock at the door to alert receiver, then walk away,
    • Alternatively, place the items at the door and step back or to the side 2 metres/6 feet
    • Practice hand hygiene with either soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer before and after each delivery
    • Clean and disinfect high contact surfaces and objects in delivery vehicles, including any re-usable delivery containers, at least twice daily
    • Use non-physical forms of greetings instead of shaking hands, avoid direct contact with other people outside of your immediate family

Crime Prevention Ottawa Speaker Series

Harmony and Safety: Conflict resolution during the COVID lockdown

Keeping the peace in our homes and with our neighbours has become even more important because of the COVID-19 lockdown we are living in. With more chances for conflict, patience wearing thin, and limited options to escape the home environment, figuring out how to maintain harmony is more important than ever.  Join us with experts in family therapy, healthy relationships and conflict mediation to talk about solutions. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 from 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Register via Zoom:
Online via Zoom



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