OC Transpo provides progress update on Five-Year Roadmap

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The Transit Commission today received an annual update on OC Transpo’s Five-Year Roadmap(link is external).

The Five-Year Roadmap lays out a transparent, accountable and measurable path to guide how OC Transpo will modernize and deliver high service reliability, customer satisfaction and employee engagement over the next four years.

This first annual update includes key performance indicators, targets for improvement on major strategic initiatives and six new strategic initiatives to reflect the department’s evolving priorities. Progress continues to be made in all key areas, including:

  • Hiring 264 bus operators and 26 Para Transpo operators
  • Expanding O-Payment to accept debit cards
  • Improving service delivery and on-time performance
  • Renewing the Para Transpo minibus fleet
  • Transitioning the diesel bus fleet to zero-emission vehicles

The Commission received the 2023 annual compliance report(link is external) from the Regulatory Monitor and Compliance Officer (RMCO). In 2023, the RMCO focused on inspection activities related to tunnels and the Communications-Based Train Control system (CBTC). OC Transpo was found to be compliant with all eight regulatory inspections of the tunnel while Rideau Transit Maintenance (RTM) was found to be compliant with five of the 10 elements and mostly conformant with the remaining five.

The RMCO also examined five elements related to OC Transpo’s inspections of the CBTC system and found four elements to be compliant, with one element regarding oversight activities as being mostly compliant. The RMCO noted that OC Transpo has already taken actions to enhance its 2024 oversight plan. Of the five elements that RTM was evaluated on, the RMCO found it to be conformant with three, mostly conformant with one and partially conformant with one. The RMCO noted that the conformance gaps for inspections on the CBTC system were generally small and involved aspects like missing records or inspection dates.

Staff continue to work with RTM to achieve full conformance. Staff will develop a list of remedial actions and ensure structured and timely review and follow-ups at regular meetings with the RMCO, RTM, Alstom and City staff.

The Transit Commission also received an overview of OC Transpo’s scheduling process(link is external), which had been requested at the December 2023 joint Transit Commission and Light Rail Sub-Committee meeting. The scheduling process is important to provide the best service possible for customers and incorporates feedback from numerous sources, including bus operators and members of the public.

Commission members heard that ridership reached 6.1 million customer-trips in February 2024. In March, O-Train Line 1 service delivery was 99.4 per cent. Conventional bus service delivery in March was 98.8 per cent which is the highest number staff have reported over the past 13 months. Para Transpo ridership was at 70,600 total customer-trips.

Recommendations from today’s meeting will rise to Council on Wednesday, April 17.

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