Operational Update - Pothole Repairs - April 17

The last couple of weeks have been challenging managing multiple operations simultaneously, including responding to the ice storm, but as always, the Roads and Parking Services team was ready and shifted their efforts where they were needed most.

Since the end of March, pothole crews have continued their work on temporary repairs, and 79 crews have been assigned and filled over 11,300 potholes! This brings our year-to-date total – January 1 to April 13 – to more than 76,370 potholes filled. The number of potholes filled between January 1 and April 13, 2023 (76,376) is 7% above the 3-year average (71,408) for this period.  

Python Pothole Patcher

Our pothole repair blitz continues, and we are happy to announce that reinforcements arrived today! We have secured 4 Python 5000 machines, or as we like to call them – Python Pothole Patchers. So, what are they? The Python Pothole Patcher has the ability to fill a pothole in less than two minutes. With the operator working safely from inside the cab, workers are protected from oncoming traffic as the work can all be completed without the need of stepping foot outside of the vehicle.

The Python Pothole Patcher is coming to a neighbourhood near you! If you spot our machines working in your community, please wave to our operators from a safe distance. If you see them while travelling, please, do not pass them. They may be filling a pothole, but remember that this will only take a few minutes!

Residents can report a pothole on the road, by visiting Ottawa.ca.

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