Ottawa Police asks commuters to consider alternate routes to avoid traffic delays

Ottawa Police asks commuters to consider alternate routes to avoid traffic delays at Tunney’s Pasture and other areas

(Ottawa) – This morning (April 19), the Ottawa Police Service monitored traffic flow at a number of Government of Canada locations with picket lines or large demonstrations. 

Tunney’s Pasture, Montreal Road, and Centrum Boulevard were subject to traffic congestion during the morning rush hour, and we can expect similar delays in the foreseeable future. 

Ottawa/Gatineau commuters who travel these routes are asked to be patient, continue to obey all traffic laws, and consider an alternative route when possible.

The Ottawa Police Service will continue to monitor traffic around identified picket sites and will keep the community updated on any major traffic disruptions.

Our policing role during legal strike action is to keep the peace and ensure public safety. We ask everyone participating in or impacted by the strike action to be patient, respectful and courteous at all strike or protest locations.

For the latest traffic updates, follow @Ottawa_Traffic or visit the interactive traffic map on

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