Ottawa Public Health Update - Rat Control Measures

Rat Control Measures

Rats are common pests that can damage property, contaminate food, and spread disease, so it’s important to prevent infestations. By-law and Regulatory Services within the Emergency and Protective Services department (EPS), the Public Works and Environmental Services department (PWES), and Ottawa Public Health (OPH) work collaboratively in responding to rat and rodent control issues. 

The first step to deal with rat issues is to contact 311. If the rat issue is on public property, including in sewers, a Service Request will be issued to PWES. If the issue is on private property, 311 will issue a Service Request for a Property Standards review from By-Law and Regulatory Services. Bylaw and Regulatory Services administers the Property Standards By-law, which requires that residential and non-residential properties be maintained free of vermin, including rats and rodents. 

The role of Ottawa Public Health (OPH) is largely educational in nature. OPH provides advice and guidance to those experiencing a rodent infestation on their property or in their home. As well, rodent issues are addressed during regular public health inspections conducted at inspected facilities located in your neighborhood, including restaurants, grocery stores, corner stores, etc.  

On the OPH website, you will find a Rat Control page with resources and advice on how best to protect your property and home from rats and other rodents, including a guide for property owners and tenants, Preventing Rats on Your Property. This material is available in French, English, Somali and Arabic and make use of pictures and information to help you understand the steps that can be taken to address the rat issue. Residents can call 613-580-6744 and speak with a Public Health Inspector to discuss the educational material located on our website.  

Implementing control measures on one’s own property is the responsibility of the property owner. The owner is recommended to refer to the educational guidance on our website and may elect to hire a professional pest control company for assistance. 

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