Overbrook’s Rideau River centennial kiosk project

The Overbrook Community Association is fundraising for its Rideau River centennial kiosk project. This is a legacy project following up on the celebrations in 2022 of Overbrook’s 100 year anniversary as a former municipal village. Required approval work for this project has been underway for a few years and the target date for installation is this fall.

The project will consist of information kiosks and a bicycle parking rack all set in a small landscaped area near the Adàwe Crossing along the National Capital Commission’s multi-use pathway on the east side of the river. The six kiosk panels will present bilingual information on the Rideau River and Overbrook with a focus on Indigenous and Overbrook history and heritage, the natural environment of the river, and planning and protection of the waterway.

You can help with this funding campaign by making a donation at gofundme. We thank you for your financial assistance. 

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