Reminder to Residents: Get Your Flu Shot!

The purpose of this memo is to provide information about access to the flu vaccine in Ottawa this fall.

The flu vaccine is a vaccine that is given each fall to protect against the strains of the flu virus that are expected to be circulating in the fall and winter.

Getting the flu vaccine is good for everyone. When more people get their flu vaccine, the odds of the flu virus spreading goes down. This protects those who are most vulnerable such as children under 5, adults 65 years or older, pregnant women, as well as those living with chronic health conditions like diabetes, cancer and HIV/AIDS.

2019– 2020 Flu Season
For the 2019-2020 flu season, Ottawa Public Health has begun distributing flu vaccine for high risk populations to hospitals and primary care offices and will continue distributing flu vaccine for the general population based on demand and availability of vaccine.

The Ministry of Health has notified public health units about different availability of flu vaccine. This year, two types of flu vaccine will be available: the quadrivalent vaccine (for everyone 6 months and older) and the trivalent high dose vaccine (for individuals 65 years and older).

The “FluMist®” nasal spray will be unavailable in Canada for this upcoming season. This vaccine had been distributed in previous flu seasons (starting in 2015) as an option for children and youth 2 to 17 years of age. OPH nurses work with residents to address questions about the vaccines and promote higher rates of immunization coverage with the vaccines available.

Access for the general population
For the upcoming season, vaccines will be available across the City of Ottawa in pharmacies (for those 5 years of age and older), workplaces, OPH clinics, community health centres, physician and nurse practitioner offices, and long-term care and acute care facilities.

OPH walk-in Community Clinics

OPH will be offering 10 community clinics in different areas of the city from November 2, 2019 to November 20, 2019. Clinics are scheduled in areas where there are many young families, older adults and where there are fewer pharmacies offering the vaccine.

You can help protect yourself against the flu by getting the vaccine yourself and sharing this information with your community. The Ottawa City Hall flu clinic will be Wednesday, November 20th from 9am - 4pm.

OPH by appointment clinics
Daily booked appointments are offered by OPH for families with children under five years of age and appointments may be booked by calling 613-580-6744.

Outreach to Populations at higher risk
OPH will also provide flu vaccine to the city’s most vulnerable residents. OPH will provide clinics for residents in group homes, shelters and rooming houses.

Should you have any questions about Ottawa Public Health’s flu immunization plan for 2019 – 2020 or the vaccine in general, please feel free to visit

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