Response to Severe Storm

Weather Event Response Update for May 31, 2022

Restoration Update From Hydro Ottawa 

It has been 10 days since the derecho passed through our region on May 21. It has been a challenging, stressful week for residents in our community who are still without power. We know this. And that’s why Hydro Ottawa continues to deploy all resources to energize these customers. Hydro will not stop until everyone of us can turn the lights on.  

Working around the clock, crews’ efforts have been bolstered by 250+ contractors as well as support from utilities from the Greater Toronto Area, Kingston and New Brunswick. All available Hydro Ottawa employees, contractors and utility partners have also joined forces in the effort working side-by-side.  

As of 8:00 am today, power has been restored to 176,500 customers across the full breadth of our service territory, which represents 98 per cent of impacted customers. 

Since my last update, Hydro Ottawa has been able to bring back the bulk of our electricity grid to full operation, and relaunched its online outage map tailored for customers who remain without power after last week’s storm. It is important to note that the map might not be accurate in all cases. Customers who remain without power, can now find out the estimated day of restoration. Anyone out of power that does not see their street captured on the map is advised to report it through Hydro’s 24/7 outage line at 613-738-0188 or online.  

Hydro Ottawa knows that customers would like us to provide a more accurate estimate. The electrical system is incredibly integrated and complex. With the profound destruction and obstacles in and around neighbourhoods, homes, and businesses, Hydro Ottawa’s ability to assess and produce safe restoration plans is taking time. Crews continue to work around the clock to get customers back online. 

As crews get down to the remaining outages, the date of restoration to remaining customers will depend on several factors, including debris, downed trees, and damaged poles that require replacement in the hardest hit areas.  

Obstacles are also being encountered on a house-by-house basis across the city. If there are any issues, customers may get a card at their door from Hydro Ottawa service agents with more information about what action may be required. There may be instances where power will need to be interrupted to customers that already have electricity to safely reconnect their neighbours to the same transformer or feeder. 

Report Hydro Outages 
Hydro Ottawa is asking customers to report downed power lines or outages, through its 24/7 outage line at 613-738-0188, email [email protected] or report it online. This will ensure that the outage is automatically tied to your residence and that Hydro crews who are working 24x7 to restore the city are notified immediately. 
Hydro Ottawa customers who are still without power should e-mail your civic address to [email protected] and Councillor King will place you on a Hydro restoration priority list. This list will be directly relayed to Hydro and will have the same effect as if you called Hydro Ottawa or reported the outage online. 
If you notice any trees or branches on powerlines please report it by calling 613 738-0188 or sending an e-mail to [email protected]   Do not attempt to remove branches that may be touching a power line. 

How to dispose of storm-related debris 

As the post-storm cleanup continues, the City is working hard to collect storm-related debris. The City picks up both organic debris, such as branches downed in the storm, as well as non-organic waste, such as broken shingles and other building materials. There are a few simple tips to ensure safe and efficient debris collection. 

Organic storm debris 

Please bundle up or stack larger tree and brush debris and leave it by the curb anytime. Ensure it is not blocking any sidewalks, paths, roadways or fire hydrants. Smaller yard waste can be put in yard waste bags, as usual. Dedicated clean-up crews will pick up this debris as they move through the city; this may not be according to your regular collection schedule. The crews may need extra time to collect all the items, so please be patient and leave these items at the roadside, separate from non-organic debris. 

Large, non-organic debris 

Storm damaged materials, such as shingles and broken lawn furniture, should also be bundled or stacked and placed at the curb. Note that broken glass and any other sharp items that may be a risk for handlers should be wrapped up for safety and labeled as such.  

As with the large organic waste, it may take more time to collect all the non-organics but they can remain at the curb as long as they are not blocking paths of travel or fire hydrants. 

The City’s landfill site at the Trail Waste Facility, 4475 Trail Road, is open Monday to Friday from 7 am to 6 pm and this Saturday, June 4 from 8 am to 4 pm, and will waive tipping fees for residents with storm-related materials. 

Hazardous waste 

Hazardous waste, such as batteries, un-emptied aerosol containers, propane cylinders, gasoline and some paints, cannot be collected at curbside. Visit the City’s Waste Explorer to learn how to properly dispose of your hazardous materials.  

Not sure what garbage goes where? 

Visit the City’s Waste Explorer to learn how to dispose of any debris, storm-related or not.  

For updates on the City’s storm response, follow the City on Twitter and visit the City’s Storm Recovery webpage. 

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