Revolutionaries & Resistance Movements - A Black History Month event - Feb. 16

Black History is a time to celebrate the achievements of civil rights movements, innovative trailblazers, and beauty in our diverse cultural expressions.

The history of Black Canadians is an particularly diverse one – from the story of Black Canadians in Africville, to the wave of African and Caribbean migrants who arrived in Canada over the course of the 60s and 80s, and now at present day – the history of revolution and resistance is a recurring theme that is prevalent amongst Black communities. This Black History Month not only are we taking a moment to explore our past, but we are also taking the time to celebrate the work of contemporary Black scholars, activists, and leaders from our local communities. 

Feb. 16 at 6 pm on Zoom and Facebook Live.
Moderated by Dilaye Desta with guests Sarah George and Karine Coen-Sanchez.

Registration Link 

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