September 3 Newsletter 2021

September 3, 2021 newsletter from Rawlson King, City Councillor for Rideau-Rockcliffe.

After last month’s heatwave, the air has become considerably cooler which is a chilly reminder that fall is on its way. I want to wish students and parents a happy return to school and I hope that all residents can get out and enjoy the increasingly crisp air. As fall nears, it is important to remember that we are still in the midst of the fourth wave. While summer has allowed us to do more outside, the cooler weather will inevitably mean more time spent indoors and more opportunity for the spread of COVID-19. Yesterday, a special statement was released from Ottawa Public Health which noted the increased cases of COVID-19 over the last several days. A link to the full statement is provided in this newsletter. I would also like to remind residents that there are still many opportunities to access the vaccine. Ottawa Public Health is seeking to make the vaccine as accessible as possible and this past week, a public health vaccination hub opened at Rideau High School. 

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who came out to Overbrook Day last weekend. Despite having to be mindful of public health measures in addition to an unfavourable weather forecast, the event was a success. During the event, a new mural installed on the exterior of the Overbrook Community Centre was unveiled. Through the YES Project, local youth worked hard to produce this mural in order to fight discrimination and hate through art. 

Special Statement from Ottawa Public Health Officials 

Yesterday, Dr. Etches and Dr. Moloughney released a special statement providing an update on COVID-19 in the City of Ottawa. They highlighted the importance of increasing vaccination rates, vaccination policies, and the return to school amid the fourth wave. Dr. Etches noted that the risk of COVID-19 infection among the unvaccinated population who are eligible for a vaccine is 15 times higher than it is for the fully vaccinated population and emphasized the numerous ways that residents can access the vaccine. Over the last week, 207 people have tested positive for COVID-19 and levels of the virus present in the city’s wastewater continue to fluctuate. To read the full statement click here. 

Public Health Neighbourhood Vaccination Hub 

Location: Rideau High School 

Address: 815 St. Laurent Blvd 

Hours of operation: Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 am – 4 pm, Thursdays from 1 pm – 7 pm 

No appointment needed. 

Have questions about the vaccine? We have answers! A public health nurse is available if you just want to come in and ask questions or get more information about COVID vaccines. 

YES Project: Mural at the Overbrook Community Centre 

Following a $40,000 grant from Ontario’s ministry of the solicitor general, the Overbrook Community Association was able to create the Youth Engagement for Safety Project. The project allowed youth in the area aged 12 to 17 to register for a series of free workshops with JustJamaal ThePoet, Ottawa muralist Kalkidan Assefa, and filmmaker Mailyne K. Briggs and focused on fighting discrimination and preventing hate crimes through art. Part of the project was the creation of a new mural at the Overbrook Community Centre which was unveiled this past Saturday in conjunction with Overbrook Day festivities.  

Montreal Road Revitalization 

Please find below a two-week update (August 30 to September 10) for the Montreal Road Revitalization project. The work activities planned for the next two weeks will include: 


  • Vanier Parkway/Montreal Road intersection – Work is tentatively scheduled to begin in the next two weeks in the southwest quadrant of the intersection that will require intermittent crosswalk closures. The work will be fairly extensive, similar to the construction that took place in the southeast quadrant that required numerous lane and crosswalk closures. Further details will be provided as the scheduled is finalized.  


  • North River Road to Vanier Parkway – The sidewalk on both the north and south sides of Montreal Road are now mostly complete. Pavers and some soft landscaping will be installed fronting Tim Hortons and the surround area. The remaining section of sidewalk near North River Road will be constructed as part of larger outstanding work. This includes the North River Road/Montreal Road intersection and the southwest quadrant of the Vanier Parkway/Montreal Road intersection. Additionally, sections of sidewalk around the existing hydro poles are backfilled with gravel until hydro poles are removed in late summer/early fall.   


  • Vanier Parkway to Marier Avenue – The northside concrete curb, base asphalt, sidewalk and the asphalt cycle track are complete for this section. Crews are continuing work on the south side of the road and are progressing with the construction of underground electrical utility work and concrete curbs between Savard Avenue and Olmstead Street. Soil cells for urban trees are also being constructed on the south side. A section of sidewalk has been constructed from the Vanier Parkway to Savard Avenue with additional concrete proceeding east in the next two weeks. Bollards and concrete planter curbs are being constructed at the Emond Street plaza.   


  • Marier Avenue to Lafontaine Avenue – A majority of sidewalk has been constructed on the north side from Marier Avenue to Bradley Avenue. Underground utility work continues on the south side, including Mona Avenue to Altha Avenue and at Alfred Street. Removal of existing sidewalk and pavers continues on the south side east of Bégin Street.      


  • Lafontaine Avenue to de l’Église Street  Underground sewer and catch basin work continues. The north side of Montreal Road between Lafontaine Avenue and Cantin Street has been paved. The south side of Montreal Road from Ducharme Boulevard to de L’Eglise Street has been paved. Electrical underground work will be undertaken on the north side between Lafontaine Avenue and Cantin Street which will impact some accesses.    


  • De l’Église Street to St. Laurent Boulevard – Excavations for new sanitary sewers and the watermain are continuing at de L’Eglise Street with crews working east towards St. Laurent Boulevard.   


  • Continued traffic impacts and road closures – Montreal Road is reduced to one westbound lane from Vanier Parkway to St. Laurent Boulevard. All streets are closed between Vanier Parkway and St. Laurent Boulevard, except for Olmstead Street, Marier Avenue, Granville Street/Lafontaine Avenue and Cantin Street. Traffic calming flex posts installed along Lafontaine Avenue, Deschamps Boulevard and Montfort Street have been restored with additional reinforcing which should limit issues with cars detaching the flexposts from the asphalt.  


  • Month-long construction outlook – Underground and aboveground work continues between Vanier Parkway and St. Laurent Boulevard. The curbs and granular road surface on the south side of Montreal Road between the Vanier Parkway and Olmstead Street should be nearing completion within the next month, followed by road paving and sidewalk construction. Underground, road, curb and sidewalk work will continue between Marier Avenue and de L’ Eglise Street. Work on North River Road, including installation of permanent traffic calming measures and dedicated pedestrian crossings, is tentatively planned to start within the next month. Work is being planned for the southwest quadrant of the Vanier Parkway/Montreal Road intersection in the next month which will impact crosswalks at the intersection. City crews will be installing new traffic signals at Cantin Street, Lacasse Avenue, Hannah Street and Cody Avenue starting mid September and continuing until the end of September. Some pedestrian movement across the intersections will be disrupted while crews are working during the day.    


  • Hydro update – Hydro Ottawa removed their overhead power line between North River Road and Vanier Parkway on the weekend of July 17. Before the hydro poles can be fully removed, the new streetlights must be installed and energized. Complete removal of the poles will happen towards the end of the summer. 

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