Significant Weather Event declared

A graphic with an orange background with pictograms of a warning sign and two clouds in the centre. Text below reads "A Significant Weather Event has been declared."

Environment Canada has identified hazardous weather for Tuesday, April 4. As a result, the City of Ottawa has declared a Significant Weather Event. The Roads and Parking Services team will be out maintaining the City’s sidewalks, roads and the winter cycling network, but it will take longer than usual to restore them to regular conditions.

The freezing rain amounts may cause hazardous traveling conditions. Plan accordingly. Please exercise caution when using City sidewalks, roads and the winter cycling network.

Photo of a emergency kit: Water bottles, flashlight, candles, toilet paper, batteries and a first aid kit.

Any freezing event also increases risk of power outages. Be prepared at home. Have flashlights and batteries readily available if your power goes out. Visit the emergency preparedness site on on how to make emergency kits and plan for your home.

At this time the City is not calling a Parking Ban, but we will inform residents should the situation change.  

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