Ski to the River House

The Ski Heritage East Trail Grooming Team has made another breakthrough in offering the best winter recreation experience in eastern Ottawa. The pilot project that extended the trail west from the Aviation Museum to the NCC's River House, located at 501 Sir-George-Étienne-Cartier Parkway, has been a success and will become permanent. Though secondary to the trails east of the Aviation Museum, the extension of the trails from the Aviation Museum to the NCC River House will be groomed as frequently as capabilities permit. The Ski Heritage East Trail is expertly groomed for a wide variety of outdoor winter activities, including skate and classic skiing, fat-biking, and snowshoeing as well as walking. The trail covers an out and back distance of 40 kms along the banks of the Ottawa River from the Aviation Museum in the west to Tweddle (Trim) Road in the east. Easily accessible by foot, car or bus at one of the many trailhead entrances, the trails cover many of the same areas residents of East Ottawa ride their bicycles, run or walk on in the summer months. Click here for more information. To learn more about the River House, please click here.

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