Spring Freshet Weekly Update – March 31, 2023


Rideau River

Yesterday, the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) issued a Flood Watch. With a short-term forecast calling for up to 30 millimetres of rain and mild temperatures to start the weekend, smaller creeks and streams in the Rideau Valley Watershed could flood as early as tomorrow and continue into the week. That includes Stevens Creek and any creeks or connecting ditches near North Gower as well as agricultural lands along Cranberry Creek. In the village of Kars, areas around Lorne Bridge Road and Rideau Street South could also see flooding this weekend. Potential flooding along roadways is also a concern due to snow and ice buildup on roadside ditches. The RVCA cautions that with this elevated condition, there is potential for further impact if significant rain falls before water levels and flows begin to recede.

In the core, the path along the Rideau River at Linda Thom Park (Ward 17 - Riverside under the Bank St. Bridge) is partially flooded and barricades have been erected.

Ottawa River

The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board’s March 28 update indicated that water levels and flows in most locations along the main stem of the Ottawa River are close to seasonal values and are expected to be stable over the coming week.

Minor Water Courses

The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority has now issued a Water Safety Statement, again for awareness of well above average snowpack conditions along the Mississippi Valley watershed that could lead to above average flooding this spring. It states large river systems and inland lakes are not expected to flood at this time. If ice jams form along the river, however, water levels could rise quickly without warning.

The South Nation Conservation Authority Water Safety Statement issued March 17 remains in effect. Along the South Castor River, the Ray Wilson Bridge (Ward 20 - between York’s Corners Road and Gregoire Road) has been closed due to flooding.


New sandbag-filling depots are now available at 1655 Maple Grove Road, 1683 Woodward Drive, 2121 Huntley Road and 4127 John Shaw Road. These will complement the depots already in place at 29 Hurdman Road and 2145 Roger Stevens Drive.

As mentioned last week, work along the Rideau River was completed last week. You can see what that work looked like here.

We continue to work with our partners and will adjust our response as conditions warrant.


Residents can join the City of Ottawa’s Spring Flood 2023 Facebook group to access information for those affected by spring flooding or anyone who wishes to keep up to date with any developments.

Residents can also visit ottawa.ca/springflooding to get valuable information such as current conditions, any road, pathway or park closures, planning and prevention tips, and sandbag depot locations.

Residents who want to sign up for the RVCA’s flood mailing list, they can do that here.

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