St. Laurent Station update - May 21

Update, until further notice:

Line 1 will operate from Tunney's Pasture to Blair Station but not stop at St-Laurent Station. 

➡️Shuttle buses will run between St-Laurent & Cyrville Stations. 

➡️Our team will continue to be at stations to support you during your trip. 


Here's the latest on the work at St-Laurent station: 

➡️The removal of the suspended ceiling panels over the two platforms has been completed. 

➡️Inspections of both the concrete roof slab and the infrastructure supporting the suspended ceiling have been completed. 

➡️Remedial work on the concrete and the removal of parts that show corrosion has been recommended 

➡️This work has started and is ongoing 

➡️Once completed, a final inspection will take place and any subsequent work identified through this inspection will need to be done 

➡️With all this work being done on the platform a thorough cleaning of the platforms will be done prior to opening. 

➡️When this work is completed and inspections deem the platforms safe, they will be reopened. 

➡️Teams are working on a plan to ensure safe access to the platforms, for longer-term repair work to take place. 

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