Standing with the Jewish community

Following instances of anti-Semitic and homophobic graffiti and posters around Ottawa, Councillor Rawlson King issued a statement on behalf of the United For All coalition.

Over the past few weeks, unacceptable instances of anti-Semitic and homophobic graffiti and posters have appeared around Ottawa. The United for All coalition shares the outrage, hurt and disappointment many in our city are feeling, particularly in the Jewish community and the 2SLGBTQ+ communities. An attack on any group is an attack on all of us and silence is not an option, as fellow citizens and as leaders.

Accordingly, United for All spokesperson, City Councillor for Rideau-Rockcliffe Rawlson King, issued the following statement to respond to these instances:

Diversity is the heartbeat of our community, and every single person deserves to feel safe, welcome, and supported.

Hate, bias, and violence should be seen not only as an attack on a targeted individual or group, but on the entire community’s health and wellbeing. Hate tears society along racial, ethnic, gender, and religious lines.

We strongly condemn the virulently and disgusting anti-Semitic posters circulated in West-end of the city and vandalism at the courthouse, designed to intimidate the Jewish and 2SLGBTQ+ communities. We stand with you.

As a coalition representing more than 100 partner organizations committed to overcoming hate-based violence, racism, and extremism in East Ontario, we are committed to confronting hatred in our communities. Indeed, this is a responsibility of all citizens.

The few people who peddle hate and violence do not define our vibrant communities.

The Ottawa Police Service encourages anyone with information about this vandalism, or any other hate crimes, to contact the Hate and Bias Crime Unit.

United for All is a coalition of 44 organizations representing 150+ partners who are all committed to overcoming hate-based violence, racism, and extremism in East Ontario.
Since 2016, this growing partnership has brought together social service agencies, faith-based organizations, policymakers, human rights groups, health providers, school boards and post-secondary institutions, grassroots social justice groups, criminal justice professionals, cultural groups and more – all with the common mission to build safe, compassionate, resilient communities for everyone.  For more information on United For All visit

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