The new City of Ottawa capital construction forecast map

The City of Ottawa is excited to unveil its new interactive capital construction forecast map!

The interactive map below provides details of ongoing and planned construction projects by the City of Ottawa. Residential and commercial development as well as telecom and utility company projects are not included on this map.

Interactive map disclaimer

The project information shown in the map below is updated regularly and therefore it is subject to change. The map should be used for information purposes only.

Below are instructions to find details on a project:

  1. To move to different areas on the map, scroll by clicking and dragging on the map
  2. To zoom in and out, scroll on your mouse or use the arrows in the top left-hand corner
  3. For project details, click on the highlighted road or facility you would like to learn more about OR search for a specific road using the ‘search bar’
  4. To highlight the ward boundaries or to turn on/off different settings, click on the ‘layers icon’ in the top left-hand corner and check/uncheck all desired boxes

For any comments or questions related to the information provided in this interactive map, please contact the City of Ottawa’s client services through
3-1-1 or please visit the employee directory.

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