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On Feb. 8, the Transit Commission received a report on the Focused Fare Compliance Initiative(link is external) which is focused on assessing fare compliance and promoting safety on the transit system. The initiative began on January 5 and will run until the end of April at various bus and O-Train stations across Ottawa’s transit network. Results from the initiative will provide OC Transpo with updated information to inform appropriate measures to address fare compliance while optimizing public safety. Staff will provide an update at a future Transit Commission meeting.       

The Commission also received an update on the Bus Maintenance Action Plan to address fleet maintenance backlogs, recruitment, and heavy workloads. Staff are exploring several short- and long-term solutions including a proposed pilot project to increase staffing, improve employee engagement and review workload and recruitment.

In response to community feedback, 14 additional bus shelters were installed at Tunney’s Pasture Station to improve customers’ travel experience and provide weather and shade protection. Nine additional shelters are also being installed at Hurdman Station. OC Transpo continues to welcome feedback and explore permanent shelter solutions for customers.

The Transit Commission received an update on service performance for December 2023. O-Train Line 1 service delivery was at 99.6 per cent, bus service delivery was at 97.7 per cent and OC Transpo ridership was at 6.2 million trips. Para Transpo ridership was at 64,400 total customer trips for the month of December 2023.

Mohamed Mezghani, Secretary General of the International Association of Public Transportation (UITP), joined Commission members to discuss its role in the global, sustainable public transport industry. As UITP President, OC Transpo General Manager Renée Amilcar collaborates with UITP members to advance sustainable urban mobility goals and gender equality within the public transport sector.

The Transit Commission also recommended that Council approve adjustments to Transit Services’ capital budget. The net adjustment of $26.5 million would include a $20.2 million contribution to the transit capital reserve as well as funds to reduce transit debt.

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