Transit Commission receives updates on wheel bearing issue and severe weather incidents affecting O-Train services

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On Oct. 12, the City’s Transit Commission received updates on the wheel bearing issue that resulted in O-Train service disruptions and a report on the incidents and investigations undertaken by the City and its contractor Rideau Transit Group (RTG) to mitigate potential impacts to O-Train service caused by severe weather.

Three events related to the axle bearing issue caused full or partial shutdowns on O-Train Line 1 since August 2021. The LRT disruption - root cause review(link is external) report outlines where further findings are expected to complete the root cause analysis and sets out short-, medium- and long-term actions to permanently resolve the axle bearing issue and increase rail service reliability. While it will take time to design and implement the new axle bearing system, plans are in place to monitor and manage the current axle configuration until the solutions can be implemented.

The Commission received a report on incidents affecting LRT vehicles and services(link is external) that looks at the incidents and investigations undertaken by the City and RTG since 2022 to mitigate potential impacts to O-Train service caused by severe weather. The report sets out short- and long-term actions to increase rail service reliability.

Transit Commission heard that O-Train Line 1 service delivery was 99.5 per cent in September 2023, a significant recovery from July and August 2023 when service was impacted by a multi-day closure. September 2023 ridership is the highest it’s been since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. O-Train and conventional bus ridership is at 6.4 million customer trips in September 2023, which is an increase of 500,000 when compared to September 2022.

Staff also provided an update on key Para Transpo ridership and service levels. Para Transpo ridership is continuing to approach pre-pandemic levels and is 18 per cent higher than it was in September 2022.

The Transit Commission received a report on sponsorship of Transit Services(link is external) detailing opportunities and challenges with respect to attracting sponsorship of free transit service for special occasions. Staff are exploring whether the approach of using external, specialized resources could be used for transit sponsorship and partnerships in Ottawa. Additional advertising and sponsorship revenue will be included as part of the 2024 Operating Budget process for Council consideration and approval.

OC Transpo updated the Commission on its recognition by the American Public Transportation Association with a Grand Award in the Best Marketing and Communications Educational Initiative category. This award was received for the Travel Training Program that was featured in BBC’s online series called The Way We Move.

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