Transit Commission Update: Transit Commission receives annual O-Train Line 1 compliance report

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The City’s Transit Commission received the 2022 annual compliance report today for O-Train Line 1. The report is provided by an independent Regulatory Monitor and Compliance Officer (RMCO). In 2022, the RMCO focused on inspection activities related to light rail vehicles, tracks, the overhead catenary system, and the security management system.

The RMCO found OC Transpo to be compliant or mostly compliant in all areas where it has responsibilities. OC Transpo has already taken actions to enhance its 2023 oversight plan to monitor the training of contract employees, improve its central data system, and update the security management system using the latest threat and vulnerability risk assessment.

The RMCO found the City’s light rail maintenance contractor, Rideau Transit Maintenance (RTM), was partially compliant in six areas. He identified three key gaps: incomplete records with respect to execution of inspections; missing training for employees involved in inspections; and the oversight plan was formalized after the monitoring period. The RMCO also reported that RTM was not conformant when it came to verifying security clearances for contractor employees.

City staff will ensure that RTM undertakes all appropriate steps to achieve full conformance. OC Transpo has formally requested a corrective action plan and implementation plan for each of the findings.

The Transit Commission voted to renew the RMCO’s contract for five years, until April 30, 2028.

The Transit Commission also heard about how OC Transpo implements R1 replacement bus service when part or all of O-Train Line 1 is not operating. R1 bus service links to O-Train Line 1 stations as closely as possible to minimize disruption to customers. When R1 bus service is implemented, OC Transpo uses several tactics to inform customers, including social media, web and text alerts, announcements at stations and onboard trains, and on-site signage. Outreach staff may also be deployed to affected locations.

The Transit Commission also heard today that O-Train Line 1 and conventional bus ridership is at 63 per cent of pre-pandemic levels, with 5.3 million customer trips in February 2023, compared to 3.4 million in February 2022. In March, service delivery on O-Train Line 1 was at 99 per cent and conventional bus service was at 98 per cent. Para Transpo ridership is at 81 per cent of pre-pandemic levels, with 55,800 customer trips in February 2023, compared to 35,300 in February 2022. On-time performance was at 91 per cent this February.

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