Update from Hydro Ottawa - Storm Response

Hydro Ottawa crews are focusing restoration efforts on 20 large clusters that affect 45,000 customers. Our expected restoration time for ten of these areas was noon today (depending on the complexity of damage to our system in these impacted neighbourhoods), with the remaining 10 restored later today.

Once these customers are energized, we will work on restoring power to a number of the smaller areas and individual outages across the city. This work will be slow, and we will not be able to address all of them today. For some customers, this may mean a multi-day outage is likely. We are working to identify these customers and will continue to communicate with them as soon as we are able.

Hydro Ottawa is not yet able to commit to specific neighbourhood restoration times.

Please visit the Hydro Ottawa Storm Centre page hydroottawa.com/en and outage map hydroottawa.com/en/outages-safety/outage-centre which has the most current and up-to-date information available.

In some cases, the storm may have caused damage to the homeowner’s own electrical equipment, such as the meter mast and wires connecting directly to the house. If this is the case, the homeowner may need to make repairs (with a qualified electrical contractor) to their equipment before Hydro Ottawa is able to reconnect power. In some cases, temporary repairs may be allowed to enable immediate power. Details: hydroottawa.com/en/accounts-services/accounts/contractors-developers/hiring-electrical-contractor

Conditions continue to be extremely poor and unsafe for our crews due to falling trees and branches. This puts crews at risk, so we must be thoughtful and careful in our approach to restoration so that the safety of our crews and the public is prioritized.

All available staff, contractors, arborists and specialists have been called in. This storm has caused severe damage to several states and provinces over the last 24 hours.

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