Update on sledding conditions and safety tips

With the new blanket of snow, the City has lifted the “no sledding advisory” on its sanctioned sledding hills. Everyone should take safety precautions, including observing hill conditions and wearing a helmet.

Sled only at hills designated for sledding. While other hills and large snowbanks are enticing to sledders, they possess hazards that could cause injuries. In addition, some non-sanctioned hills may have protective measures, but these do not make them safe sledding areas. The City has a list of its sanctioned sledding hills on ottawa.ca.

Always wear a CSA-certified helmet to protect yourself. In addition, allow safe spacing – around 15 metres -- between you and the other sleds going down the hill.

Additional safety tips:

  • Children should be accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • Sled only during daylight. If you are out at night, don’t slide unless the hill is well lit
  • Always sit or kneel facing forward on the sled
  • Walk up the side of the hill, not the middle
  • Keep your hands, arms and legs inside the sled to prevent injury
  • Alert (shout) if you observe another slider headed for danger
  • Do not leave sleds or other obstacles on the hill
  • Construction of snow jumps and other obstacles is not permitted

Please always pay attention to the conditions on the hill. Packed snow, precipitation and fluctuations in temperature can create icy conditions on the hill, resulting in increased speeds and reduced ability to control and stop your sled safely.. Sledding is a high-risk activity. Sled at your own risk.


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