Resident Associations Coordinate COVID-19 Response

Cooperation is taking place across Ward 12 & 13 to provide food and information to people in need.

Since early March, seven community associations in Ottawa’s east end have been working to ensure residents receive the food and the services they need. a Web site that covers Ward 13 and Vanier - allows residents to find key information, including:

  1. Information on how to volunteer to support the Food Bank and other services;
  2. A list of local businesses that are open
  3. Mental health resources
  4. Activities, particularly for children
  5. General and financial resources

It builds on a clear signal from community associations who resolved to work together, protect the privacy of people and need, and link to city-wide efforts as those come online.

“I strongly commend the community associations in Ward 13 and Vanier for uniting together to respond to the COVID-19 public health crisis through the delivery of emergency food and other supports to vulnerable and isolated individuals,” said Rawlson King, City Councillor for Rideau-Rockcliffe. "This work solidifies the creation of a network of spirited volunteers dedicated to the interconnection our neighbourhoods and to the improvement of the quality of life in our communities during this difficult and extraordinary period and beyond.”

Key elements of this collaboration include:

  • Faster communication – among all community associations and levels of governments,
  • Prioritizing in a time of urgency – helping City Councillors, the MP and MPP  to understand what needs to be done next,
  • Common standards for data collection, and safety guidelines for volunteers and food recipients.

Collaborators are the Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Center (RRCRC) and its Food Bank, part of the Ottawa Food Bank and Feed Ontario network,  Community/Resident Associations of Cardinal Glen, Lindenlea, Manor Park, New Edinburgh, Overbrook, Rockcliffe Park and Vanier. Highly skilled volunteers in IT, data management, international humanitarian relief and the staff of the Manor Park Community Council have been essential. In an associated program the community has delivered over hot meals from Coconut Lagoon, Food For Thought Network Café, Bread and Roses Bakery with the RRCRC Food bank delivered by Ashbury staff.

“Together we have all increased our ability to do more and our reach more people who are struggling with mobility and transportation challenges and those who never would have thought they would need our Food Bank and other social services.” said Yacouba Traoré, Executive Director of the RRCRC. “It is inspiring to see many community leaders, small businesses  and volunteers stepping up to help their neighbours.”

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